And then there were five…

We are blessed and humbled and beyond grateful to welcome the newest addition to our family, baby Zayn, into the world. He arrived Thanksgiving eve, taking us all completely by surprise and leaving us all completely and utterly in love. I’ve fallen in love a few times in my life and this feeling? It never gets old.

It’s been a hard few weeks with the news as it has been, and there’s been more than a few 3am hazy mornings I find myself welling with fear for my children. I worry a lot lately for both their present and their future. But just yesterday my friend Shabana said:

Don’t let the insanity pump you full of feelings of fatigue, apathy, and hopelessness. That is the purpose of the insanity. Just let that balloon fly into the clouds, and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Reach out to someone you love. Share a meal. Share a moment. That is far more powerful than torrential downpour of negativity and hate. Emerge unscathed, ready to smile and be full of joy.

Trying to hold on to this and remind myself I can only do my part which is to nurture the small patch of earth I inhabit as best I can, be the best person I can be despite the flaws that I have,  love the people I love with everything that I am, and do my best to raise three little boys into loving and good human beings. It’s not much. But it’s not nothing.

10 thoughts on “And then there were five…”

  1. Oh congratulations, he's absolutely lovely–and so are you! What a blessing in these hard times! And what a lucky little boy to be born into such a wonderful family. So happy for you all!


  2. Beautiful and poetic. As always dear Aisha. I am so happy for you and your newest blessing. Many prayers for Baby Zayn and your boys to bring joy to your homes and hearts, even during the 3am haze.


  3. Hahaha…. Ayesha… Congratulations. Today, jusy opening your blog after months made me laugh out so loud, as I saw Mezba and Quote from Shabana (my old blog partners-in-crime). Again, Congratulations!! Your presence and words are always a blessing. And, I am going to re-blog Shabana words tomorrow


  4. Congratulations, Aisha – mA 3 boys – I salute your bravery :). Many hugs and good wishes your way – iA all will be well once the dust settles down.

    Lots of love,


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