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Three Beautiful Things Thursday

It’s been three months since my last post.

tumbleweed on my blog. because, you know, it be barren.

Three months is longer than I’ve probably ever gone since I began writing in this space over eleven years ago and it’s hard to fathom this much time could pass but lately it’s been hard. I think part of this has to do with the nature of blogging. One by one, from the big names to my good friends, most of the blogging community has shuttered up and left. The ‘olden days of blogs building community in the comment section just isn’t a thing like it was and many of the things I’d normally share on the blog, like this amazing pumpkin decoration idea I got from the renowned and amazing Jarrett Krosoczka and made with the kiddos this afternoon…

…I shared on my twitter account instead. In fact, most of what I’d write about here, I end up writing there but do I miss this blog? I do. It’s where I began my writing journey. It’s where I put words together and found to my amazement that people were interested in reading them. It’s where I got support through my teaching days, and law school, leaving law school, having children, and everything in between.

A part of me logged in today to say this here blog belongs with the tumbleweeds now. But the other part of me, the one who saw this blog as a space of community and camaraderie, can’t bring myself to shut down. Maybe some day. Just not yet.

So in the meantime I will resign myself to accepting that with kiddos to raise, dinner to cook, books to write, and story ideas to chase, this blog will be sporadic at worst, and random at best.

And I hope that’s okay.

So in the spirit of launching a mini-reboot of random postings, why not start with Three Beautiful Things, one of the things I loved most to do. So, without further ado:

    1.  The Tot Alarm Clock. My friend Susan swore by this clock for years and so when the second born decided to wake like a chipper rooster at 4:45-5:00am daily without fail, I decided I needed this clock in my life. In desperation I searched for sleep clocks and bought the first one that showed up on the search. Twas a dud. Finally, I did what I should have done from the beginning and contacted Susan who shared her exact one and it’s not cheap, but is it worth it? 

    This beautiful invention is worth its weight in GOLD. Thanks to this beautiful thing, bedtimes [when the clock turns blue] and wake times [when the clock turns yellow] have been revolutionized. Now if we can only figure out potty training….
    2. School Visits. I’ve always taught the younger population. From Kindergarten to second grade and never a grade higher, and that worked fine for me what with them being shorter than me with math questions I could comfortably answer. When I had my first request for a school visit in a DC school over the summer to talk about my novel, I smiled cool, calm and collected and said yes, but on the inside …
    And you know what happened? I loved it. Without fail each and every school visit has been fantastic. This past Monday I had the pleasure of going to a school visit in Leesburg, Virginia, a primarily South Asian community, and all 200+ students who attended had read my book. What an incredible feeling to talk to students who told me they saw themselves reflected in the book, who asked me direct and complex questions, and who then served up a beautiful feast of hummus, baklava and more? I have a few more school visits lined up and I am so excited for them and it’s led to an unexpected development: I think I may want to someday go back to education but this time highschool.

    3. Family Travel. Once upon a time the spouse and I used to travel a lot. Being the DINKYs that we were [Dual Income No Kids] we set about and found a new country to explore each year with lots of little domestic travels in between. Then five years ago we were blessed with a little boy who changed our lives, and our travel situation, forever. Since then, though we take the trips to visit family and mini vacays to drive-able destinations the prospect of getting on a plane with two children sounded about as simple as hauling twenty koala bears in little baby Ergos up a mountain. You know, challenging. So we delayed and delayed but finally, we realized that unless we wanted to wait until we had deposited the children in their college dorms [at which point I presume we will be broke given the state of college tuition] the traveling was just never going to happen.

    So we decided to baby step it. Instead of a big international trip, how about a big domestic trip? And thus we embarked on a rather ambitious week-long journey from Vegas to Zion National Park to Page, AZ, the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and ending in the mountainous vortexes of Sedona.

    Valley of Fire [Nevada]

    The sights and scenery were absolutely breathtaking. There is nothing like being in nature, particularly nature that is so different from the landscapes you are accustomed to, to really make you  feel connected to the Higher Power.

    The Grand Canyon

    Now, keeping it real- as gorgeous as it all was, there were some challenges along the way like a hotel where the air conditioner was broken, and the stress of flying Southwest with four people when they don’t let you assign seats but basically cattle call you, but mostly it was that the five-year-old got sick. So sick there were about 2 full days where we pretty much did not leave the hotel room because he had a high fever, sore throat, and basically the whole kit and kaboodle. And of course, then there is the recovery from such an illness which means we couldn’t do the hikes we mapped out, or stay out on a blanket to watch the stars like we had daydreamed, but despite that we had a great time. The  point of a family vacation with small kids isn’t just to take in the sights but to be together, to discover a new place for the first time together. The kids will grow bigger and will get easier [and harder in different ways] to travel with and eventually the kids will just grow up and we may find ourselves traveling alone again; as tumultuous as the lows may have been on this trip I wouldn’t trade them for a second for the high of having my family together exploring the world together.

    Wow, felt nice to write a post after so long. Hope you all have been well and are having a beautiful Thursday too.

    3 thoughts on “Three Beautiful Things Thursday”

    1. nice to read your blog after a long time! hope you will find time for more regular posts.
      totally feel you on travelling with the kiddos. me and hubby are forever trying to figure out where and how we can manage to go with the twins. it is all a discovery process! more importantly, travelling with kids is the same as living with them -highs and lows are always present!


    2. Lovely to read you again after all this time. I drop by once in a while in the hope of seeing a new post.
      Travelling with kids has its challenges. I've gone to Europe a couple of times with my two girls to visit family. So far, I have been pleasantly surprised each time at how well they do, even last time, when we missed a connecting flight and got delayed – for the long haul flight no less – into the late evening. Once in Europe, I try to do little side trips with them now that they are a bit older (my older is in first grade) and I love rediscovering my country of birth through their eyes.
      We haven't done more than extended weekend trips otherwise but are planning to do so more and more. I have wonderful memories of travelling with my mom, definitely hope to do much of the same with my kids.

      Please keep writing here 🙂


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