Some exciting news!

Things have been busy busy busy on my end and now finally I can share one of those reasons. If you’re on social media than you probably already know about it, but just in case, I wanted to share the news here….. which is…..

ahem… drum roll…..


Considering I am still processing the amazement of having one book out there in the world, the fact that now I get to start working on my second book is completely surreal and amazing!

Kevin Bacon Spinning

As many of you know, writing novels has always been my dream and it was a dream I never knew I would ever achieve because there is so much that goes into the process of writing a book. When I sat there staring at a blank screen many a moon ago it felt too insurmountable to fully contemplate… so to be here now, with a second book on the way, its something I don’t take for granted in the slightest.

I also feel so fortunate that I get to embark on this journey with my publisher and editor, Nancy Paulsen. She is absolutely incredible and I am thrilled to work with her on another project.

And to everyone who gave me so much love today? It felt like a big hug. Seriously, it’s 97 degrees, my air conditioner is broken, the phone calls round and round to resolve this make getting rabies vaccines look funner in comparison, and then there is this and that going on, but today I didn’t think of any of it because seeing your kind words, your well wishes, it erased all those thoughts.  To all of you who have supported my debut, Written in the Stars, please know it has meant everything to me. Every single sale matters. Whether you bought it for yourself, as a gift, for your pet panda bear, wrote a sweet review, asked your library to stock it, or just told your friends to check it out, thank you and thank you for the love today, thank you a million times over!

Minion Kiss

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