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On the eve of book pub: six ways to support authors

It’s happening. Tomorrow my book officially goes into the great big world. I feel eased into it in some ways, first with bound manuscripts, then advance review copies but now feels different because now it’s real and it’s just you know, giving me goosebumps to know that it’s really almost here. This time tomorrow… I will be a published author.


I may or may not get any sleep tonight.

Some of you have asked about ways you can help and I wanted to share a few things readers can do to support writers and this advice applies to all authors, but especially brand new authors who are just starting out and making their way in the literary world:

  1. Buy the book– Each book makes a difference and if we want to see more on the subject, or the area, or from the author the only way it can happen is if people buy the books. Each sale counts.
  2. Don’t download the book illegally. I’ve heard from people think it’s no big deal and you’re just sticking it to the man- but the man you’re sticking hardest is the author. John Green explains it pretty well here. But if you wouldn’t swipe socks from Target with the rationale that Target won’t miss those socks, please don’t download illegally.
  3. Check it out from your library. Libraries keep many authors and their careers alive. The more you check out books the more libraries realize this is a popular book and the more books the libraries will order.
  4. If your library doesn’t carry the book, request that they do. My mom was at her local library once and telling the librarian how she wanted a particular book they didn’t have in their system. The librarian asked her the name of the book, and two weeks later the book was ordered and in their library. I found out on twitter this is pretty standard. If you want a book at your library but don’t see it there, ask the librarian and they will give you a request form and nine times out of ten they will buy the book for their collection.
  5. Talk up the book. Word of mouth is everything- if you love a book, tell people!
  6.  Review it on Goodreads and Amazon. Most of us look at the reviews before deciding to order a book, if you like a book, consider writing a review and posting it on both Goodreads and Amazon. 
  7. If the book is not out yet, pre-order it! This came in from YA/MG Book Blogger Jim over on twitter and so true- pre-orders get the notice of publishers and booksellers and the more is pre-ordered the bigger the orders for the book are!

Any other ideas or ways to help authors that work? Please do share! In the meantime, thanks again for asking and for supporting- it means a lot!

7 thoughts on “On the eve of book pub: six ways to support authors”

  1. Pre-ordered on Amazon, so it gets the double-whammy effect, and plan to request it at local libraries as well. If they don't have it now, they'll have it soon, because yeah–former librarian here, and we TOTALLY ordered books that people asked us to bring in through ILL. If someone cares enough to request it, we figured it must be worth having in the branch!

    &, if I haven't said it before– CONGRATULATIONS! (& know that I can't wait to read it!)


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