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It’s March! My Book! Sleep! GIFS!

I’m really tired lately. The reason for that is the sleep issues with my toddler that I wrote about last time are still ever-present so I’m sort of in a strange dream-like haze most of the time. If you hung out with me or otherwise engaged me in any sort of conversation these past four weeks and smiled politely but really wanted to do this:

Say What?

I’m sorry. Sleep deprivation is not pretty. I will also go ahead and blame sleep deprivation for the reason that today when I logged into twitter and saw this:
I was kind of confused. Because what? How is it March? And then it hit me that OMG IT’S MARCH!!!!  My book comes out not next year, not next month, but THIS MONTH!!!
I’m excited. I’m nervous. I’m just…. you know….
Internally Fighting
My book coming out also means travel starts up soon. Last year, BookCon was my first time away from my children. It was one night, but this year will be a bit more, including one potential six day stretch. Given how bad the sleep thing with the toddler is, and that I have a trip coming up this weekend with no promise of it resolving soon, we just bought this:
They said it helps kids sleep so we did priority shipping. Maybe when we’re less sleep deprived we’ll figure out what it does. 
In the chance that sleeping sheep do not promise to be the miracle cure for sleepless nights we hope it will be, I am thankful for family who will be staying and helping out while I’m away. I can’t begin to express my gratitude because while I know K can do it alone [and has done it] it’s always nice to have help, and I’m so grateful for the support.  
And also? I think one perk of travel is hotel rooms. And I think hotel rooms will mean I might be able to get an uninterrupted several hours of sleep. Which:
**Most of my upcoming events are up on the tab ‘events’ and if I am coming to an area near you, would absolutely love to see you and please do check back as I will be adding more!**

3 thoughts on “It’s March! My Book! Sleep! GIFS!”

  1. I'm going to a writing conference next weekend, and will have TWO nights of uninterrupted sleep! Can't. wait. My little guy will be 3 this month, and I'm wondering when this will ever end. Though to be fair, he was sleeping through the night until a bout of croup messed that all up. *grrr* Congrats on your book birthday month!


  2. wow Aisha, when you first posted this, march 24th still felt too far away. but it's just a few more days now and i can't wait to read your book!! i've been reading here a while and am fan of the thoughtfulness, complexity and wit with which you write. you have such a way with translating stuff of the heart into words. thank you for sharing it. the best of wishes for you and your family 🙂


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