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The Outfit. And The Why.

Me: Time for shopping! Lets put on our clothes.
M: Shorts!
Me: Oh honey, no shorts. It’s too cold outside for shorts.
M: Shorts!
Me: How about jeans?
M: Shorts!
Me: But jeans are nice. Your brother is wearing jeans.
M: Shorts!
Me: Shorts are for the summer time sweetie.
M: Shorts!
Me: Your legs will get cold, that won’t be fun!
M: Shorts!
Me: How about shorts next week when it’s warmer?
M: Shorts!

A classic, win-win. I think. #DontJudgeMe

5 thoughts on “The Outfit. And The Why.”

  1. Hey, if little girls have practically made mainstream the notion of wearing pants under a skirt for warmth (at least up here!), it's only fair our boys should be able to wear shorts over jeans!
    Only thing I'm judging is myself, for never having thought of this during the 'No, actually MOMMY will decide what you'll wear' days…

    Awesome parenting, I say. Life IS compromise. And his adorableness would bring a smile to anyone's day for reasons having nothing to do with his (fabulous!) outfit!


  2. Thanks Susan! I have seen girls dressed like that, lol. Waleed was a lot easier to say “this is what it is” with the younger one, he is quite insistent, and while sometimes I do have to just lay down the law, here I was glad we could find a compromise even if I get some side-eye at the playground πŸ™‚


  3. aw fun! he reminds me of Zineera..v. opinionated on how her outfits were to be!!! Ignore the side eye and enjoy it because soon they sort of conform on their own…I miss the old crazy outifts 😦

    lol πŸ™‚


  4. I say – any compromise that leads to season-compatible clothes is good πŸ™‚ Both my girls (but particularly the older one) were quite insistent on choosing their own clothes at that age – they still are. Some of their combinations were rather outrageous but I only intervened in cases like the one in your example. The ensuing compromises were often even stranger. My husband was sometimes quite hesitant to take her out in her chosen clothes but I could not have cared less.



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