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Ten alternative titles For "Written in the Stars"

Well, hello! My has it been a while. I’ve been here. Around. Doing this. And that. And suddenly it’s the middle of December.

How does that happen?!

Seriously, it’s been a busy year. One if you told me about this time last year I would have blinked and smiled slowly at you while stepping back carefully. 

One of the most unexpected perks of the gates parting into the land of [impending] publication is the amazing supportive circle of author-friends I have found. Writing is such a solitary endeavor. I truly had no idea how close-knit the YA author world truly is. It’s been priceless to get advice from seasoned veterans and to commiserate with debut authors about the roller coaster ride of a first timer new to all of it!

One of these fellow authors is Kate Hart. She’s pretty cool [with a pretty intriguing book coming out in 2016] and I was thrilled when I found out she tagged me in her “Terrible Titles” blog hop!

The rule is simple: Scroll through your manuscript and stop on random place. Whatever you land on becomes one of eight terrible titles. I picked the first short sentences I randomly came across.

So without further ado: Eight [and bonus two!] terrible titles that could have maybe in an alternate universal been my terribly terrible titles [which oddly all…. flow]:

  1.  It’s Only A Matter Of Time
  2.  I’m Just Going To Stay In The Kitchen
  3.  I Look Up
  4. The Kettle Begins To Whistle
  5. No One Speaks
  6. And That’s When It Happened
  7. There Are Risks
  8. I Will Believe You
  9. It’s True
  10. This Is Insane

And I hereby tag the first five [make that SIX] lovely debut authors who showed up when I clicked on twitter:

Susan Adrian, author of TUNNEL VISION
Sona Charaipotra, author of PRETTY LITTLE THINGS
I.W Gregorio, author of NONE OF THE ABOVE
Sabaa Tahir, author of AN EMBER IN THE ASHES
Stacey Lee, author of UNDER A PAINTED SKY

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