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First Annotated ARC give-away of WRITTEN IN THE STARS!

One of the biggest reasons I buy books over borrowing them from the library is because I’m a notorious margin-writer. As any friend who has ever borrowed a book from me can attest to, I love underlining favorite passages, or marking just what a certain scene meant to me. I even have two copies of some of my favorites, one clean copy and one with my thoughts. Books mean a great deal to me, and beloved books, even more so…and so in honor of that love of margin-writing I am doing a give-away of an annotated ARC of my debut Written in the Stars.

And since I love notating in the margins of other books, be warned, this copy is rife with behind the scenes ‘director’s commentary’ with insights into all sorts of things like who a character was named after, personal anecdotes, writing decisions, and notes on the scenes that were most difficult to write, to name a few.  It’s my first give-away of an annotated copy ever and I wanted to host it here because this is where I first began writing out my thoughts and hopes and dreams on the writing journey- it’s where you saw me start off as an educator, then a law school student, a lawyer, a mother, and now an author… and well, after over a decade here, I want to offer something special like this here first.

Please note: This will have a ton of notes, so it may serve better as a companion to the actual book so you are still more than welcome [insert smile] to still pre-order the novel as well to have a version sans markup since this copy will be like watching a movie for the first time with director’s commentary playing through out!

I am still annotating the copy I’m giving away, so if you have any things you’d like to see please do feel free to share!

PS: My goodreads page to click it to-read is here, I realize the rafflecopter doesn’t link to it!

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AND THE WINNER IS::::::::: [via]:

Entry 159: Dahlia Adler!!!!!!!


19 thoughts on “First Annotated ARC give-away of WRITTEN IN THE STARS!”

  1. I have been reading your blog for years now and would loveee to see the thought process behind the story which I absolutely cannot wait to read! -Sarah


  2. I'd love to win a copy! After reading your blog for so long, the idea of following your thought process throughout the book is exciting 🙂



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