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NAIBA and my first ever author signing!

This past weekend was a whirlwind. In a matter of 48 hours we packed up the kids, hopped into a spaceship minivan, headed down a train, onto a plane to DC to see dear friends, family, and my We Need Diverse Books team members at NAIBA 2014 for our first ever WNDB author reception with fantastic book sellers who value diversity, followed by a Sunday morning filled with lots of coffee, conversation, four hour flight delays and then– back on a plane, down a train and back into our minivan with a twinge of sadness for a weekend that went by way too fast as such weekends tend to do.

NAIBA was incredible. I was already looking forward to reconnecting with my incredible WNDB team members Ellen Oh, Lamar Giles, I.W. Gregorio, and Renee Ahdieh but I also got to meet fellow WNDB team member Meg Medina for the first time [and may or may not have squealed a little too loudly when I hugged her because she is 250 degrees of awesome]. And that list? It doesn’t include the incredible authors like Lydia Kang, E.C Meyers, Robin Talley, Justina Ireland, Kat Yeh [to name a tiny few] who were at this event signing books and sharing insights into the authorial journey over dinner, or the booksellers who were there to get signed books and chat about all things bookish and diversity.

Seriously, an evening hanging out with people who write books, read books, and sell books, you know, people who basically live, breath, and love books is the kind of evening any bookworm would dream about.

Add to this amazing experience? This marked my very first author signing for ARCs of Written in the Stars.

Picture courtesy of the lovely I.W. Gregorio

One year ago, this was just a dream. A fragile dream. A dream I was afraid to fully wrap my mind around lest I wake up. And then this past weekend, I held my books in my hands, I signed then, and off they went making their way into the world. There are still six months to go which feels both forever away, and gasp right around the corner and there are one million and three reasons for me to panic or worry or fret about what the future may hold, but right now I’m enjoying this moment, the memory of my first signing, the company of good friends, and thankful that while I do not know what the future holds, this present is beautiful indeed.

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