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On my book, Barnes and Nobles, and a give-away coming soon!

When Written in the Stars became available for pre-order at Amazon a few months ago, it felt amazing– but today when someone e-mailed me that they pre-ordered my book from Barnes and Noble’s site– well that nearly made me topple my chai! It may just be their online store, but just knowing it’s at Barnes and Noble in any capacity makes it feel that much closer to the brick and mortars, and to being something I can hold in my hands.

As the date to release inches closer, I’m planning a give-away close to release date, but with a twist. Instead of just a book give-away[which I hope you will support anyways] the give-away book will also be a supplement to the actual book with handwritten notes from me with behind the scenes on the writing process and other fun facts in the margins. I am working on getting this together now and if you’re interested please be sure to follow along with this website via e-mail [on the right], my newsletter, facebook, or twitter. Any one of those will keep you up to date for when I do post the give-away closer to release date!

But, the reason I post this today is because as I get ready to mark up my margins, I want to know: what sort of behind the scenes would you love to read about? Anything specifically or generally? If there’s interest I might mark up a few books to give-away! [And thanks as always for your support!]

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