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The rockstar ARC goes on tour and the weightless free floating nature of letting go

I’m part of a lovely group of YA and MG authors debuting in 2015. We are the Fearless Fifteeners and as confusing as publishing can sometimes be, it’s been awesome to have others going through the same journey at the exact same time to talk it all over with. A little while ago I got my ARCs in the mail and it was a thrilling moment. I got only a handful of ARCs and they’ve quickly been distributed to parents, siblings and the like, but I did save one ARC. One lucky ARC that is no longer just a little ARC but is instead, a rock star touring the country, meeting cool folks, getting signed and posing in photos for selfies and shelfies along the way.

Right now, Rockstar ARC is with Anna-Marie McLemore who sent me this lovely color-coordinated picture that makes me smile each time I see it. Anna-Marie is my agent-sister with Taylor Martindale and she is the author of the forthcoming novel The Weight of Feathers that I’m eagerly awaiting because it’s not coming soon enough (i.e. right now! this minute! gimmegimme!) ahem. And after she reads it, it will go to the next reader, and so on until it finds its way back to me.

Since the book deal, I’ve wondered where my book will land in the world (ala Where’s Waldo) and to that end I’ve added a tab to my blog to share photos of selfies and shelfies readers share along the way. The book isn’t released for a while so I wasn’t planning on adding the tab just yet, but then I saw this, and it made me happy, so up the tab goes! While the photos are brief for now [it’s one ARC making it’s way around the country one reader at a time] I hope to share a little behind the selfie or the shelfie as it travels the globe while I can, and hope to keep that tab filled with photos sent in.

Seeing the picture today, it really hit me: for the first time that out there in the world my book is with a reader. Not to critique, or edit, or help me revise but to simply read it.  For so long the book has been mine alone but soon it will belong to whoever reads it, and as this quote says so well, people will bring their own stuff into it, their own views, their own perspectives and their own thoughts- and that is as it should be, that is as I want so much but the reality of it is now here and it feels like sky diving- both thrilling and weightless. Like every author, this books contains a piece of my heart so I’m humbled to have a very first reader of this newly completed book, and blessed to be at this stage of the journey today.

To add Written in the Stars to your goodreads you can click here! And to pre-order you can click here! Thanks as always for the support!

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