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Book Cover Reveal!!!!

So about that book deal

Books by their very nature have covers…

Including mine.

If you were at BookCon you might have seen it there..

But many of you haven’t.

And imagine my shock.

When I clicked over to goodreads

And just saw it there

And then, I peeked on Amazon and gasp

there too!

It’s insane.

It’s amazing.

It’s exciting.

It was exciting to see my cover for the very first time.

But it’s even crazier.

To see it for the very first time in a very public way.

Want to see it?

Without further ado, the official cover for Written in the Stars….

In 3…




For details on the cover and how it all came to be, please check out my interview with Jennifer Zobair at Story and Chai! Β 

And thank you for sharing in this evolution of writing to publication with me!

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