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Wordless Wednesday: Happy

Determined to finally print and frame some updated photos for the house last night, I was struck by a series of photos taken by dear friends of mine, Cylinda and Yen. They’re excellent  [friends, photographers and makers of food] and these? These two pictures are outtakes worthy of a large wall-space in my house. Why am I posting them? Because these two pictures make me so happy. I have a million photos of my kids from my cell phone, digital camera, and big old SLR. But with a baby so often in my arms, it’s rare to have a photo of just me and my eldest enjoying a moment together- and on the topic of me, it’s rarer still to have photos with me in them period as I’m normally the person behind the viewfinder. I’m thankful for good friends who took time out of their busy lives to take some great photos. And I’m sharing these as a not-so-silent nudge that they make this a professional thing. They’re seriously too good not to. Lucky for their friendship, and lucky for captured moments as precious as these.

1 thought on “Wordless Wednesday: Happy”

  1. There are no words for how much I love these… And to think the last time I saw you two, Waleed was little more than an energetic bundle in your arms… How has this much time passed?

    Your friends should definitely be pros – full time. If I lived in Atlanta, I'd be booking an appointment for family portraits with them.


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