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Ever have one of these days?

Ever have one of those days. . .

Where you realize dinner is two hours away and the only food options for dinner involve concocting something from a nutella container and tomato paste?

And while you really could just ask the spouse to pick up some glorious amazing Vietnamese pho, you look at the time and imagine the wide open roads for the next twenty-five minutes before rush hour hits and think I got this?

So you strap the kids in. Turn on the car, and hit reverse. Only to hear mama! I gotta potty! And after reparking, un-strapping, obliging, and re-strapping, the baby looks at you with The Look?

So you look at the kids. You look at the clock. And, you’re good. You’re still good. You can still make it to and from with maybe a minute to spare. So you change what needs changing and re-strap what needs strapping and in a hop, skip, and a jump, you’re there. Your’e at the grocery store. You head through the shopping aisles. You got your list. You’re feeling pretty good.

So you load up your cart. You get in line. You put it all on the belt. And you dig in your purse for your wallet only to discover: It’s missing. Because between the in and out of the bathroom breaks, you dropped it on your kitchen floor, and while you know you’re the adult here and you really got to be cool, calm and collected especially since there’s a considerable line forming behind you, you really wish you could have a moment and just do this?

So you rush back home. Get your wallet. Drive back. Pay for your groceries. And then sit in the car, listening to Dawud Wharnsby and your children sing about the beauty of our beautiful world while sitting in one-hour knee-deep bumper-to-bumper traffic for your 1.2 miles drive home.

And why yes, the spouse did pick up Pho for dinner, instead.

Seriously. This was my day. Can anyone relate? Please share your parenting-groundhog day story so I feel just ever so less alone! Let’s laugh to keep from crying shall we?

8 thoughts on “Ever have one of these days?”

  1. Thank you for relating. I think I've had days like this without kids. It just kind of feels worse with kids because you get to put them through the wringer with you. Thanks for relating!


  2. Your days sound so busy!

    Yeah I don't think I can relate either. I'm a student who does the bare minimum to pass and spends too much time doing non-uni stuff. I kind of feel guilty now for being so lazy!

    That Nutella looks delish!


  3. i had intended to write you a positive energy comment, but my day was so bad yesterday, that even the instant noodles dinner turned out rubbish. then i went and cried in the bathroom. sigh. today seems a little better, alhumdolillah. hopefully for you as well!


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