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My son, the future advertising executive

Me: Okay beta, it’s time to clean up, dadi and dada are coming for the weekend and your toys are everywhere.
The three year old: No, you should do it.
Me: Excuse me? I should do it?
The three year old: Yeah, go ahead, you can do it mama.
Me: So you make the mess and I should clean it up? That’s not nice, is it?
The three year old: Yes! It’s nice! It’s very nice!
Me: Explain that. How is it very nice for me to clean everything up?
The three year old: Smiling and patting my arm. Because you clean up so good! You’re really good at it mama.

These kids. They’re good.

He’s still cleaning it up though.

4 thoughts on “My son, the future advertising executive”

  1. They are a lot smarter then we give them credit for. I still recall my shock when I realised my loveable sweet boy was selective hearing me. Clearly I was a very naive mum.


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