Random musings on Hajj, nostalgic dinner plates, and the sheep that could have been [with bullets]

  • We are visiting family in Florida. K was sent on a last minute trip to Saudi Arabia for work and thankfully when my parents recognized my impersonation of a petrified tree when I told them I could make it on my own for the two weeks he’d be gone, they drove up and picked us up and brought us down to Florida in their minivan. 
  • Correction: their glorious minivan.
  • It’s been great to be away from the house, away from the depressing lack of progress with the shutdown and to get help with the kids. I’m not sure how I would finagle two kids entirely on my own for such a length of time.
  • Fully aware so many women do it, and if one of you are reading perchance, my hat off to you. I mean it. I do not know how you do it but you are a super hero, full stop. And I hope your kids appreciate this with all their hearts because even the few days one day I was on my own, was exhausting. Kudos. Truly.
  • The great news is that though it seemed iffy at first, since he’s there for work, K is in the process of performing Hajj. We tried going seven years ago but thanks to a Hajj agency that was not exactly on the up and up [and sadly, few are these days from what I hear] it didn’t work out. As much as I wish I could be there to experience this with him, so glad he’s getting this chance.
  • I have a lot of legitimate concerns with technology but one unquestionable benefit is the ability to keep in touch with loved ones when they are far away. Thanks to Skype we’ve been able to speak nearly every day and the kids get to see him too.
  • Though my eldest is not exactly keen on sitting in one place and chatting. When asked by K why don’t you want to sit and talk to me? He replied, shaking his head. While you’re in Saudi Arabia I have to take care of mama and Musa and nani and nana! I’m tired Abu! 
  •  In the interest of finding out how exactly he was taking care of me, I prodded him to which he shook his head as if to reply was just beneath him and said Mama. I’m deep. Like a swimming pool. 
  • Three going on thirty-three.
  • Still, now that Eid is upon us, he is missing his dad something fierce. He can’t understand how this holiday can come without his father here to partake with him. Everything reminds him of Abu. The football in the patio. Abu loves football. The plate at dinner. Abu loves to eat. On plates. 
  • We’re trying to focus on the Eid merriment by making our crazy amazing oreo pops, going gift shopping, decorating the house, and today we spent the better part of our morning driving to a distant Whole Foods to buy the obscure kosher marshmallows we were seeking for our Eid-ul-Adha project
  • We were going for this:
chic well-fed sheep
  •      What we got was this:
Our pasture. Yes, they’re a little mangy.
  • Thank you Pinterest for affecting my already fragile crafting self esteem.
  • Still, the kiddo loved it. He named them. He bade them goodnight. And when I told him he could eat them tomorrow, he stared at me horrified. They were his friends. 
  • Not looking forward to the day I have to explain exactly what Eid-ul-Adha is all about.
  • Still, today, my kiddo is three, beautifully profound, deep as a swimming pool, glorious chatty, questioning three. While the slight undercurrent of longing will surely be there tomorrow, I hope he will take away from it most of all this Eid he got to spend with his grandparents.  Eid, falling mid-week, as it so often does, does not lead well to celebrating with those who do not live nearby, so I am utterly thankful, government shutdown or not, to get to have this Eid with my parents and to insh’allah very soon, eat mangy marshmallow sheep.

Eid Mubarak to you and yours, simple or action-packed, I hope it is beautiful. 

5 thoughts on “Random musings on Hajj, nostalgic dinner plates, and the sheep that could have been [with bullets]”

  1. Eat Mubarik to you too Aisha and to your family. Love your little one's replies. Mashallah he is a very sensible good boy and long may it remain like this.

    Hope you have the opportunity to perform Hajj soon. It's an amazing experience


  2. Eid mubarak, Aisha. Hope you and you're boys are having a wonderful time. Those sheep are very cute and yours look as if they're in a meadow with lots of lovely flowers 😉



  3. •Thank you Pinterest for affecting my already fragile crafting self esteem.
    bwahahahaha!!! Sooooo true for me, too!!! 🙂

    Glad you're all having a wonderful time together. There's nothing like family time. I'm so blessed to finally have my folks nearby after most of our lives living far apart. We just can't get enough of each other. Thankfully, hubby is laid back and happy to go with the flow. 🙂


  4. Aysha, Natalie, Stacey, Tauqeer, things have been so busy here and I'm just getting on my own website. Wow. Thanks for your well wishes, hope you all had beautiful Eids, and for those not celebrating hope you are doing well!


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