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Tis the season. Ramadan. And creating stained glass windows.

I’m not a crafter. I’m not one of those moms on Pinterest creating a Disneyland replica out of watermelons and cantaloupe. I’m not one of those moms creating pirate ships out of cardboard. No really, I’m not. Case in point:

What I was trying to do

What I did:

I think his expression just about covers it. yeah.

But this Ramadan, I really wanted him to be excited about Eid. To create memories and traditions together and so we dove into creating Pinterest-perfection be darned. The result of our daily crafting and creating? I’m getting a touch better at it and Waleed? He is loving it. He is counting down to Eid. Making up his very own Eid songs and creating together, like the lanterns and hanging stars, is not just fun, but also educational as we discuss Mosques and architecture and cultures along with the basics of cutting and pasting and the joy of creating something out of nothing. And it really makes me think about homeschooling more. [But, more about that for a different post]

These past few days stained glass windows is the activity de jour. I discovered the idea last year googling Ramadan activities and finding Confessions of a Muslim Mommaholic. If you’re interested in reading about homeschooling, creating, and raising thoughtful children, you should consider following her blog. It’s a keeper.

I know many of you reading have kids and are interested in making holidays more special so I’m sharing a small tutorial on how we did this particular activity. It’s an idea so simple to do but so much fun to create and can be translated to any holiday be it Christmas, Hanukkah, or Valentines Day. My only caveat, while the glue I used touted itself as washable, I’m not sure how easy that task will be. As I’m leaving these up through Eid-ul-Adha in a few months, I’m planning to worry about that when I get there! [I read that it is cleaned easily with windex however]

What you need:

  •  Scissors
  • Washable Clear Glue
  • Tissue Paper
  • Box [to store tissue paper]
  • Black poster board
  • Carbon paper [optional- to trace out a printable Mosque outline to the poster board]


Cut up your tissue paper into small pieces. You could do this in advance but I bought kid scissors so he could help too. If your kiddo is too young for scissors you could also tear them by hand.

Everything pictured purchased from the dollar store.

Pick a window with plenty of sunlight and glue the pieces all over.

Cut out a masjid [or any design of choice] out of your poster board, glue it atop, and you’re done!

So far this is my favorite project with my kiddo and the one that had him the most hooked. Bonus? It’s a 20-30 minute project perfect for a toddler with limited attention span and a lovely piece of art to smile at when you fry the samosas just in time for iftaar!

We really had fun making these and while I’m not sure if we’ll fill up all the windows with stained glass creations, I’m sure they will be part of our Ramadan traditions going forward. Hope this is helpful. If there’s interest I’ll happily continue sharing through the month! And any activities ideas that are working for you? Please share!

5 thoughts on “Tis the season. Ramadan. And creating stained glass windows.”

  1. What a lovely idea! We've done lanterns and some banners. And I think I got all the Ramadan books the library had to offer 😉 I'm also planning on baking for Eid and I have some Eid decorations ready. Definitely looking for more ideas for next year.
    It's so nice to see how even the little one (21 months now) is participating!


  2. I need to make some banners Natalie, thanks for the reminder! Sounds like you guys are having a great time, I remember last year you were in my shoes so glad to see that we're both finally doing it! 🙂


  3. Love this! We had a tissue-and-contact-paper butterfly that didn't fare well in our move, and I find that I miss its pretty colors on my window. Never thought to create something bigger than a sun catcher, but why not a whole “stained glass” window? Here's hoping I act on the inspiration and decorate with my kids soon.


  4. I did this today with the girls and we had a blast! We don't have a window that lends itself to this so we did cardboard “windows” and hung them like pictures. Not quite the same but I still like the effect.
    Thanks for the idea!


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