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On Smashing, Crashing, and Anniversaries

  1. After one particularly sleep-deprived day last week, I sat down to pay some bills online and check e-mail, plucked the toddler next to me to watch some Elmo [all that precedes Elmo on Sesame Street is, in my son’s opinion, the opening act that must be sat through to reach the whole point of it all], and finished up my cup of tea. Except I didn’t fully finish it. So after I downloaded the latest edits from my agent, and got up to tend to the baby, and returned to read said edits, I saw a blacked out computer with a splash of chai. It didn’t seem like very much spilled, but whether a thunderous downpour of chai or simply the splash, the computer is now officially dead. 
  2. Mourning the loss, the toddler, aka the kicker of chai, walked up to me with his plastic green laptop and said Sorry mama. Have mine.
  3. I’m sure years hence, when I retell the tale, it is this I will remember most cogently.
  4. With things to do and places to go that particular day, I bundled up the kids and plucked them into our new car, and headed off for a playdate with Waleed’s bestie. We got on the highway. I saw a semi-truck with a mesh top. I turned on my blinker to change lanes. And a rock flew out of the truck and splattered my windshield. 
  5. Twas one of those days I should have stayed in bed.
  6. It’s been officially a week and I am still sorting out paperwork with my insurance, who, despite being completely awesome as far as insurance agencies go [If you have military affiliations and can get yourself USAA I would highly recommend them, they are number one in customer service for a reason I’ve now learned], still takes some time to resolve. 
  7. Still, at the end of the day, it’s a crack on a windshield. A foot-long crack, but just a crack,  that’s the only trace of it in our lives. We are okay, and when it comes to accidents while toting two small kids on a highway, such things cannot be taken for granted, so despite the hour-long insurance and dealership phone calls, I count myself blessed. Whether this week or next, we’ll have a new windshield.
  8. And hopefully a new laptop.  It’s nice that I have an iPad to do simple surfing, but something like writing a blog post, case in point, is extremely complicated. I admit I grew quite fond of my mac, and with an iPad and an iPhone I would like to get an apple computer, but the price is exorbitant. And the non-apples do give you a lot more bang for your buck. If you’re reading and have any advice or perspective on the type of computer you’re using and whether your recommend it, I would greatly appreciate leads as we search for a replacement. 
  9.  Not that there’s much time for laptop-ing these next few days as we’re heading out to celebrate our anniversary in Charleston, SC, where we spent our honeymoon, eleven years ago. We’ve gone back several times since we adore the city, but it will be our first time traveling their with children. As most of what we’ve loved to do has been browsing art galleries, and dessert-hopping late into the night and watching the sun rise over folly beach, this time, [save sun-rises, my kids love sun-rises] should be interesting. If you follow along on the facebook page I’ll be posting pictures.
  10. And eleven years! Wow. When I stood on the brink of my marriage, over a decade ago, I couldn’t imagine life so far down the yellow brick road. My post at Love Inshallah today sums up the journey so far. Thankful beyond measure for these beautiful years, and prayers abundant for many more.
  11. Happy Fourth of July everyone! Hope you and yours are well. [If you’re new here from Love Insh’Allah, welcome! and if you like what you’ve read please feel free to follow along via the FB page or RSS!]

5 thoughts on “On Smashing, Crashing, and Anniversaries”

  1. I love your anniversary post! This one made me smile ruefully but not love it so much… Sounds like a crummy day (though W offering his computer for your use is too cute for words!) 😦

    As far as the new computer decision goes, bear this in mind when considering cost. I have an apple laptop. An OLD apple laptop. Old enough that the OS has changed a FEW times since I bought it, and the plastic wrist-rest is WEARING away. Almost 6 years of heavy daily use. It's been dropped at least 5 times from shoulder height. I've spilled splashes of various things on it too repeatedly to be proud about admitting. It may have been pricey when I bought it–around $1000 instead of the $500 or so I could have gotten a 'comparable' machine for at the time.

    During the same period of time:My husband has been through 3 cheap 'comparable' lenovo computers in the same period of time, and he daily curses his freezing/blackingout/not-picking-up-the-wireless-signal computer. And, well, THREE of them. Meanwhile, mine just keeps zipping along.

    Love my extremely cost-effective per minute-used apple. Plus you can use Scrivener, which is my favorite WP/writing/formatting program ever.


  2. Happy anniversary! Doesn't it feel like yesterday, as in a thousand years ago? For me it does, and we've only been married for seven years. 🙂

    Laptop advice: I, no, WE have everything, apple and non, laptops and tablets, desktops and smartphones. This is what you get when there is a gadget fanatic in the house. 🙂
    Apple are costly but generaly worth their money. But I have to say, Susan, that they did use to make them more reliable, nowadays laptops are meant to be changed every few years, hence they go kaput sooner. Non-apple, I would say that Asus make the best laptops so far, hands down. HP are ok-ish, Dell has crap and costly service. Sony haven't tried, but I hear they are also ok.
    Both mac and pc have their own advantages and disadvantages. Mke a list, pros and cons, what you want and what could be helpful, and see which one suits you best.

    Waleed is such a sweetheart. George comes to pet my hair when I am upset and loud, shuts me up almost every time


  3. I'm so glad you all are ok! How scary! Being behind a truck with anything in the back or loaded on it is my biggest fear! That, and getting squished in an elevator door.


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