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Happy Five Month Birthday Musa

Dear Musa,

You are five months old. It’s been a busy month. So busy we’re knocking on month six as I write this but my how you’ve been growing and changing! Like the monthly cupcake photo shoot. You started off this month’s blissfully unaware like months past.

But then, as you eyed your toe getting ready to take a bite, you made a startling discovery. . .

And I’m fairly certain birthday photo shoots will never be the same again.

You finally began flipping over from your back to your stomach this month as well. And chatting up a storm with new sounds and coos, and most promisingly, you said mama at least twice. Once to a stuffed dog, and later, to your toes. But the word formed on your lips. And one day, those words will mean me.

You still love waking up several times a night, and sleeping cuddled up right next to me. And as much as I don’t love the all-night-wake-up-calls, I do love to watch you sleep. And I would love to see you do more of that.

Your brother and you continue to grow closer. He’ll randomly walk up to you and kiss you and will defend you to anyone, watching out for you just like a big brother should.

I still don’t understand the sticker thing you two have going on. But you seem to. Which is all that really matters.

We had a small aqiqa this month for you. And by small I mean, tiny. In attendance were simply us, your grandparents, your aunts and uncles and cousins. For your brother’s aqiqa, we invited relatives from far and wide. We booked a hall. Paid for hotel rooms. But this time it was simpler, and this worried me a bit as I hoped one day you wouldn’t look back and equate smaller with inferior. Because it wasn’t. We did a professional photo shoot at Oglethorpe University. Strung lights through the kitchen and decorated the house. Your nana made a sign we hung over a small dessert table with home made cupcakes, gulab jaman, and chocolate cake to honor the sweetness that is you. It was a small affair, so very small, but it was so very special because you were surrounded by those who love you completely and who will be part of your life forever, I pray.

I was watching something on television recently, the man said when a couple has a child, it’s not just the couple that has the child, everyone has the child. And that is what this month meant to me as I saw you surrounded by your loved ones. Sure all these folks had come to see you before, but this time they were all here at the same time, under one roof, with every bed and air mattress in use and wait-lines for the bathrooms. And they came here knowing this would be the case, but came anyways. You know why? For you and your brother. Because though you are my child you are not just mine. You are a grandson, a cousin, a nephew, and you are loved completely, and there is nothing more beautiful in this world than deep and abiding love— and on this front? Your cup runneth over. May it always be so.


Your Mama

9 thoughts on “Happy Five Month Birthday Musa”

  1. Happy Five Months! He has the biggest most beautiful brown eyes ever!

    Oh, don't get me started on potty training. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

    And welcome back! You've been missed!


  2. Your sons are so beautiful. I love reading your posts, so glad you came back – you were missed. Your writing is exquisite. I feel the love you have for your two boys. You are blessed! Enjoy it, my little boy leaves for college in the fall, and I swear it was just a blink of an eye that he was a little boy. Well, they will ALWAYS be our little boys, no matter how big they get. 🙂


  3. Marie, thank you for your kind words about my writing, that means so much, and I used to find it difficult to understand how it can all pass so quickly and yet its already feeling like a whirlwind so I can only imagine the bitersweet emotion when you're knocking on college's door!


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