The demise of google reader and my facebook page

I’ve recently learned Google Reader is shutting down. Major bummer. I’ve used it for as long as I can remember to check in on all my favorite blogging friends and while thanks to reading via handheld devices I don’t comment as frequently as I once did, I’m still an avid reader and lover of blogs and their reader was my reading vehicle of choice. Just because its going extinct doesn’t mean I stop reading, but I will have to figure out a different way to go about it. Cecily mentioned Feedly and I plan to look into that, and I’m sure you’ll be looking into your own alternate reader options as well [if you know of any please do share!] In the meantime I thought maybe this might be a good time to resurrect my long dormant facebook page as a place to link when I update my blog. I’ve also managed to link the page with my twitter, instagram, and pinterest accounts so its a one-stop place for all the stuff I tend to do on social media. I’m excited about that as there are so many links to recipes, articles, stories, I’d love to blog about but with two little ones to handle I don’t always get the chance to write a full-on post as much as I’d like so the page can serve as a medium to share things in between blog updates.

If you use facebook and like what you read here it would be awesome if you clicked over and liked my page, or hit like on the widget to your right that I just figured out how to install, but no matter how you choose to read this blog, its been almost a decade of blogging and I appreciate that you’re here, and I thank you so very much for reading.

8 thoughts on “The demise of google reader and my facebook page”

  1. I have never used Google Reader, so I won't miss it, but hopefully this closure doesn't affect Google Friend Connect/Blogger Dashboard, as that is how I follow along. Luckily with GFC you can join pages privately if you choose, that way you don't show up in the GFC box if you don't want to.

    It is possible to link all of your accounts to your FB page-I follow several FB pages that only update from twitter or instagram, which is good since I am not active on either of those networks so I would miss out on most of their posts.


  2. Thanks Rachael, do you know if they are pages you follow or if they are friends pages? I can't seem to figure out how to do page links to those social media sites. Do you find it annoying to get frequent updates about instagram, etc on the pages you liked?


  3. As long as the updates are not purely advertisements I don't find them annoying at all. I think the half the junk people randomly repost is worse than instagram & twitter feed updates.

    Some of the pages I follow use instagram and a lot of them use twitter. I just looked into it for you and for some reason instagram will only let you post to a page if you are using an apple product-you can't post to a page if you are using an android, I can't remember if you've posted about which you use but that would explain why.

    Instagram help page:

    Twitter help page: https://support.twitter.com/articles/31113


  4. Thanks Rachael! I do use apple [how odd that android users don't have the option!] it was a bit roundabout but I finally figured it out. Thanks again!


  5. LOL @ Tauqueer, I'm hiding from Google Plus, trying to minimize the amount of social media networks I'm on, do you use Google + exclusively over FB?


  6. @Aisha: FB is for kids! and then I don't trust them because of ever changing privacy policies…

    Google+ is the way to go!. My thoughts on Google+:

    1. It has better reach since its Google…

    2. Better and consistent privacy policies.

    3. Easier and logical to use interfaces.

    4. Evolving every few months with much better features.

    5. And serious user base.



  7. Thankfully, I use my blogroll to follow my favourite blogs, so this is really not bothering me too much. And now am off to like your page!


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