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Introducing. . .

He’s finally here. Born on December 28 at 8:37pm. Weighing in at 7lb 2oz and measuring at 20 1/4 inches. And bringing me more joy than I thought possible.

There is so much to say and hopefully I’ll get to it in the coming weeks because right now? I find myself tongue tied. As I look at my second son I can only say that this love? Words can’t sum it up. In the face of this intense love? Words simply fail. All I know is as he lay in my arms, my older son kissing his new brother’s forehead. My brothers and parents, my husband, looking down at the scene with hearts brimming over, I got a brief glimpse into the meaning of life. And this? Loving? Being Loved? Letting the love soak into your bones and marinate in your heart? This. This is it.

Welcome to the world baby Musa. It’s not perfect but with you here it has grown just that much more beautiful.

And thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. Please know you were in mine.

34 thoughts on “Introducing. . .”

  1. Now you made my heart swell 10x like the Grinch 🙂 … He's beautiful and I don't tire of telling you so. He's beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and oh-so-perfect ❤


  2. Congratulations!! Musa is gorgeous, and your words describing this time in your lives are very beautiful, too! Thanks to you both for a post that brightened an otherwise gloomy NYE (I'm home, sick. Boo!)


  3. He is so beautuful mashAllah 🙂
    May Allah bless you all with every happiness always. Amen/ inshAllah.


  4. So very beautiful, congratulations to you and your wonderful family, and welcome little Musa! I feel as if you have brought wisdom with you to this life. How lucky we all are that you are here.

    warm wishes for the most wonderful new year,


  5. …bohat, bohat mubarak! and what a beautifully gorgeous baby!…hope you and musa are doing well – stay well, my friend!…



  6. Oh Aisha! I've been a bit ill. But still, don't know how I missed this! Congratulations!!! Lots of warm hugs to you!!! I saw your last blog post and thought “What?!?! Aisha had her baby?!?!” Lol!


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