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Just me or. . .

    . . . does my son look like he’s making cold calls for his bid for the 45th House Congressional Seat? In 1972?

    So much to say. So little time. If I owe you an e-mail, I apologize. The days are slipping through my fingers like sand. My personal planet Earth remains a mystery on the subject but either way, next week, if not sooner my little guy will be a big brother. I’m completely prepared and utterly not. I’m completely excited. And terrified. I’m a living breathing walking cruise-ship of an oxymoron. And soon, God Willing, I will be a mother of two. But right now? I’m off to pack that finicky hospital bag. Any advice on what you packed in it much appreciated but more importantly, I hope for your thoughts and prayers. I will surely keep you in mine.

    18 thoughts on “Just me or. . .”

    1. Was grateful for granola bar stash in my bag as well as warm fuzzy slippers, pretty chadar for quick cover up during newborn photos, fancy camera, printed Preadmission maternity registration form (they didnt have mine in system!), Vaseline/chapstick. Did not bring baby book to hospital as it was bulky, and didn't end up using many clothes I brought s as wore hospital gowns. Hoping and praying all goes well for you:)!


    2. Your son is adorable MAshallah πŸ™‚
      I packed the basics….change of clothes, a nice scarf for pics and covering up, diapers and clothing for baby, car seat, makeup for touch up and iPhone. Plus my MIL and mom bought food like yakhni and halwa for me πŸ™‚
      Good luck and praying for a speedy recovery


    3. Aisha, the only thing that I wished that I had had the first time, but did not, were flip flops for the shower!

      I have not commented in what feels like forever, but I have been reading and following your journey on this newest adventure. I did want to chime in before your baby comes to say that I will be thinking about you in the coming week (and surely that baby will come in the next week) and hoping for an easy delivery and transition into motherhood-the-second-time-around. And most of all, I'll be praying for a happy and healthy little boy!

      Best wishes,

      Kelsey (Raising Brainchild)


    4. Waleed looks adorable!

      I brought dates to the hospital both time. And super comfy clothes to go home in. No advice on what to take for the stay at the hospital, because I went home right away both times.

      Wishing you all the best and a speedy delivery. Have a great and well-supported started into the life of a mother of two πŸ™‚



    5. I brought snacks (although the nurses were more than happy to give me whatever I wanted when I asked), comfy clothes for me, flip flops, clothes for the babies (I knew I was having giant babies that wouldn't fit in the hospital newborn clothes), baby beanies because the hospital ones aren't nearly as cute, camera, computer/iPad, phone, lotion.

      Prayers for a safe delivery and a healthy momma and baby.


    6. Time flies. And it is going to fly even faster from now on. πŸ™‚
      Remember to bring a file for baby nails – they are scratchy and tiny mittens just hide precious fingers.
      W looks dashing and my, has he grown…
      I am thinking of you. Wishing and praying everything goes smooth and great.


    7. Thanks Tracy! *hugs*

      Anon, the shawl idea is great, I didn't even think about that. Need to pack that TONIGHT!

      Kelsey its been forever! Great to hear from you!!! Are you still blogging? I have you on my newsfeed but it doesn't show up lately. Hoep is all well with you!

      Natalie, what do you mean by right away? Like you did not do any recovery time at the hospital? How long were you there for then? Wow! Thanks for your well wishes, they mean a great deal πŸ™‚

      Thank you Haus Miller, a few sizes of baby clothes might be the way to go for sure!

      Mina, can't wait to be in your shoes so very very soon, thank you for the filing advice and for all your warm thoughts!!!!!


    8. I had a midwife both times. Where I live, if you have a midwife and choose a hospital birth, they only keep you at the hospital until both mom and baby are considered stable. Both my kids were born shortly after midnight and I was back home at 3 and 4 am respectively. I do have to say that I had relatively easy deliveries both times, alhamdulillah. If I did not feel up to going home, I could have stayed longer. But I like the idea of recovering in my own bed πŸ™‚ And the midwifes come to your house every 2nd day – more if you need them to – for the first week to check on you. The hardest part was not to get too active right away and really take the time to recover.

      All the best once again,


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