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On sleeping mice, cribs, and most importantly– prayers

We moved Waleed’s crib from his bedroom into ours this evening. With a bit of trepidation, we watched our son’s expression as we reassembled the bolts and screws and placed the mattress inside. Who is this crib for? We asked him. Baby! Baby crib! He exclaimed with a huge grin, and then, his eyes lit up as he ran off with K to grab the sleeping Mickey mouse my brother bought him when he was a newborn. We settled the mouse into the moses basket resting in the crib and gently placed a blanket. Wait! Waleed cried. He plucked out the mouse. He rocked it and sang twinkle twinkle little star. Then he kissed the mouse twice on its nose and placed him back inside. Love you baby, he whispered placing a hand over the stuffed animal. Then, he quickly ran off to play.

It’s taken some time but he’s slowly coming around to the idea of a baby brother. And today when I saw this pretend play, I think I couldn’t speak for a good solid minute so full felt my heart. While I know there will be bumps along the way in the path of siblinghood, I am heartened to see a glimpse of the deep abiding love I pray will be there for all time.

And then my heart fell down to my feet. One of my friends is dying. She has terminal cancer and I just learned that things don’t look good right now. Her husband chronicles the intense pain that knows no words and brings about a useless weak-kneed pain in me for the seven circles of hell they are enduring. They are kind. They are good. They have a son. Itsnotfair. Itsnotfair. Itsnot fair. I simply can’t process the unfairness of it. There is a belief by some in my faith that the prayers of a laboring mother are heard with special attention from God. I hope this is true. I hope they are sent like genie-wishes straight to the Almighty.

I’m making a list of those I will pray for when the day arrives, and if you would like me to pray for you generally or if there is anything specific you would like me to pray for you when the day arrives, please let me know via comments or send me an e-mail. As I wrote when I was pregnant with Waleed, while I wish they worked like a magical wand, I have seen the manifestations of these prayers in my own life by those who have likewise prayed for me and would love to include you in my prayers when the day arrives.

Likewise I ask you to please keep me in your prayers as well. I’m so grateful to be here. So close to the end. But nothing is certain until it is and I take none of this for granted. Your prayers for a happy healthy child at the end of my journey this month would be most appreciated.

8 thoughts on “On sleeping mice, cribs, and most importantly– prayers”

  1. Such a beautiful post. Made me weepy, and I don't even have the hormonal excuse. So beautiful, hearing how W's anticipating being such a kind big brother.

    If you would, my father and I would very much appreciate your prayers. His cancer has spread and he's kind of out of medical options. Lots of prayers happening in the Sprogblogger household these days. Prayers for peace and acceptance and grace and no fear. Yours would be very welcome and very much appreciated.

    And you're always in my thoughts & prayers, and never more so than these days. I can't wait to 'meet' your newest family member, once he's been delivered safe & sound into your arms.


  2. The most amazing experience of my life is to watch my children develop their relationship, George sharing his toys and Stevie with eyes glued to his big brother, and how they 'talk' and laugh – my heart is so full…

    What they say about the second time birthing – it is true. It is 'easier' and faster. I hope this time it is everything you ever hoped and dreamt of.

    If you remember, I would so appreciate a good thought for my parents and my children. May life be kind to them. Thank you.


  3. one of my friends has cancer too that was just upstaged to stage 4.
    i dont think you'd like to remember me, but pls pray for her too. she has abt 25% chance of making it and has kids under 3.


  4. May Allah (swt) grant you an easy and healthy delivery and baby πŸ™‚ Ameen.
    Please pray my classmates and I pass our medschool exams with excellent GPAs.
    Please pray that my heart finds inner peace with a rishta I have gotten. Pray that if it is best for me it goes through πŸ™‚
    And pray for all of our parents and siblings..may they always be healthy and happy.
    May we all be rewarded Jannah inshaAllah!
    So looking forward to “meeting” your new baby πŸ™‚


  5. Waleed just gets more beautiful! I love his sweet curls. I'm so happy he will have a little brother to love soon! Selfishly I beg, please send a prayer for a sibling for Davie, too. πŸ™‚
    Much love!


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