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Overthinking it? Me? Yes. Probably.

It’s been four days since I’ve seen this lamb in a mall window display and I can’t stop thinking about it. For instance: Is that not the most disgruntled window display you’ve ever seen? What’s the issue? Why is he so very clearly over it? Is it that overly perky bear? The obnoxious green ribbon? The hordes of shoppers passing to and fro? Who exactly created this creature? Why did they fashion upon it a perpetual pout? And then which store employee found this lamb in the place where such things are purchased and decided that it would be just perfect for their vision? And, for that matter, what exactly was that vision? More importantly, where could I get one for myself? Because outside of a fabulous conversation starter, if ever I’m having a bad day? That lamb? It’s annoyed expression is telling you to get a move on and get over it already. It’s clearly had worse.
I guess sometimes there are those pressing questions for which there truly are no answers.

9 thoughts on “Overthinking it? Me? Yes. Probably.”

  1. Hi Aisha, I just came across your blog today and went through the archives.It was so much fun and I am so glad I found this blog. I wish you best of luck with everything. I moved here in April 2010 from Pakistan after getting married and some how I could relate to a lot of things which you have said over teh course of time. I am also trying to find a “community”, new friends and of course directions and “how-to”. Life is certainly an interesting journey…
    Hope to keep up with your blog [if other things dont creep up on me!!!]


  2. Glad you all enjoyed the post 🙂 That is a funny little lamb.

    Jehanara, thanks for leaving a comment and saying hi! Glad you enjoyed the blog and could relate, hope to hear from you again!


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