Potty Training: Help. Please.

I need to start. I want to start. But with the promise of pee on my carpets and potential poop on pants, I’m just well, scared to start. We’ve started six months ago in the smallest of ways: When he wakes each morning he gets on the toilet [we bought a small lid that goes over the big one] and does his business. But while its nice to not have to clean the poopy diaper that would otherwise be, he didn’t exactly sit down on his own volition. In the spirit of true potty training I bought two cotton training underpants and a baby toilet two weeks ago. The toilet is in our half bath. The underpants in a drawer. Unused. And we need to change that. Because its time to at least try. I’ve googled the matter and basically I’ve gleaned you must go commando and give it five days of misery and not leave the house and you’re done. Except I can’t find five consecutive days to keep him indoors and simply not leave the house. Surely there’s another way? I’m scared to start but I’ve been scared to switch him from bottle to sippy cup and from crib to toddler bed and he’s honestly handled everything with great aplomb. So it’s time to try. Once I come up with excuses not to.

Imploring all mamas! Any advice on potty training? Books, links, websites, personal experience? What age did you begin? Any advice much appreciated!

13 thoughts on “Potty Training: Help. Please.”

  1. oh man. we've been “trying” for a while now. louise wants nothing to do with it, she cries at the mere mention of sitting on the potty. we're kind of stuck right now because i have hear that you are not supposed to push them, so i don't know what to do. we switched from diapers to pull-ups, i've put underwear on her and let her see what it's like when you pee in them, we've taken her pants and pull-up off and let her wander around that way, which has resulted in multiple pee accidents on the carpet, one on the couch and also a poop on the floor (she was actually sitting on the potty, got up and pooped on the floor right next to it). she's peed in the potty with a little encouragement 10-15 times and she's pooped in it once. i don't know what to do. aren't girls supposed to be easier???? if you figure out the magic trick, PLEASE… fill me in.


  2. Thanks Kate! I did hear girls were easier. Sounds like its not easy on your end either 😦 We started today. he refuses to wear the training pants so is walking around commando and its a FIGHT to get him to sit on the toilet. I don't want to make this a negative experience so I'll have to do some more research. . . and the whole not wearing anything is making me so nervous about myc arpet 😦


  3. Aww sorry to hear about the struggle. I hear from friends who have potty trained that the best way is to put on pants only and stay home for 5 days straight. My son is turning 3 in Jan so I need to do this as well. Good luck


  4. you're welcome aisha, although, i don't think i actually gave you any useful advice, just our story so you know you're not alone 🙂 i suppose it's time for me to do some research as well, dr. google to the rescue!


  5. We are 5 days into using this method with our 2.5 year old twin boys:

    It is going really well so far, but we had some really good indications that they were getting ready, specifically when we played around with using the potty after bath time for a couple of months, they both could pee on command, and were excited to do it. We are still doing diapers at nap and and night and the majority of pooping happens then, but we figure that will come, everything is a process. Our guy who was clearly more ready has it had a single accident our other guy who we dragged along for the ride had 3 accidents the first day, 2 the next and one accident every day since. We are so proud of them!


  6. If you have an iDevice (pod, pad, etc.), there's a “Potty Time” app, too. I didn't try any of the potty boot camp methods, so no feedback there. My older daughter was potty proficient pretty early, but she had some accidents and demands for a diaper after her baby sister was born – she was jealous and missed being the baby of the house, I think. That phase didn't last long, but if you have success and then a string of accidents at the are-you-kidding-I'm-trying-to-care-for-this-newborn phase, remember that it's temporary! Good luck!


  7. Thanks Kate about the link, will check out your blog!

    Katery, yes, sometimes its enough to know your'e not alone 🙂 One day they both will be potty trained though, that's what keeps me going 🙂

    JOLT, WOW you're doing this with TWINS. If you can do it, I have no excuses with my one little guy. Thanks for the information and sharing your experience. So far all accidents here have been on hard woods too but I'm waiting with bated breath for when that changse :-/


  8. You don't need five days, you can do it in two or less. You just have to start. You've got lots of advice, just buy a lot of underwear and be prepared for the inevitable accidents. Pack a pair of pants and underwear in a bag you take wherever you go. Lots of cheerleading and get dad involved as much as you can. Good luck!


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