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Books, a matter of perspective

No disrespect to the author of Aani and the Tree Huggers, as its an award-winning book but between the lengthy narrative and clumsy drawings? Needless to say, it’s not my favorite book. But Waleed? Loves it. Each evening I hide it behind favorites like One Fish Two Fish and Curious George and each morning he digs through and brings it to me to read yet again. After the tenth day in a row, I thought I’d try to figure it out.

W: Mama book!!
Me: This book again?
W: I like it!
Me: But why?
W: Mama book!
Me: Yes, I’ll read it to you honey, but why do you like it?
W: Look Mama. See? Mama. Book.

And then, as he pointed to the brown girl with the long dark hair and cradled a hand to my face, I suddenly realized why he loved this book so much and well, needless to say, its now one of my favorite books.

15 thoughts on “Books, a matter of perspective”

  1. Thanks Marie and Fruitful 🙂 Yes, its sometimes something I forget, that they see things through different eyes than me. I love the moments when I can stop and see things from their eyes.


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