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On marrying scientists, germs, and the pitfalls of eavesdropping

If you marry a scientist you just might tag along with him to a conference in San Diego where he convenes with fellow science-folk and where the freebies and swag include but are not limited to germs. Yes, stuffed germs. With mournful eyes:

MRSA. Why yes, MRSA does have a cape.
Common Cold

And you just might find yourself having a conversation like this in a tiny cheerful gift-shop filled with postcards and boat-shaped key chains:

K: Sorry, I really tried, but I couldn’t get ebola.
Me: That sucks. I’d rather have ebola than all the other germs combined.
K: Yeah, but MRSA is cute, no? Just me and a few co-workers managed to get MRSA.
Me: MRSA is pretty cool, you’re right.
K: And I got e-coli! I’m the only one who got e-coli.
Me: Okay, e-coli? E-coli is frigging adorable. After ebola, its e-coli.
K: Yeah, everyone wanted to know how I got e-coli.
Me: Flu and cold are kind of lame though.
K: Yeah, it’s good to have them, but they’re nothing special.

And you just might look up in said gift-shop to meet the eyes of the shopkeeper and a handful of customers staring at you wondering perhaps a) Um, WHAT?! or b) whether they should pinch their noses and run as fast as possible in the opposite direction.

I’m just waiting now for the day my son grins at a stranger in the elevator and announces Hi! I have e-coli! Daddy gave me e-coli!

But seriously? E-coli is pretty cute, no?Β 

14 thoughts on “On marrying scientists, germs, and the pitfalls of eavesdropping”

  1. Rehtwo, you've heard of them before?!? I was so thrown off, I still get a chuckle. I love that the tags disclaim “1,000,000 + times actual size” LOL

    Anon,glad you liked πŸ™‚


  2. my friends got me some sets of mini ones (sets of three in oversized “petri dishes”) in undergrad (neuro major, haha). when I did my master's, I was a research assistant to a professor who was looking into some legal issues related to assisted reproductive technologies, so another friend got me a sperm and an egg. yep, i'm the proud owner of some stuffed gametes…


  3. Kate, yes, I am looking forward to the day he tells his teacher he's bringing the flu in for show and tell, LOL πŸ™‚

    Mina, right? It's so pointless, but yeah, the cold is a degree better IMO lol

    Susan, glad it made you smile πŸ™‚

    Rehtwo, ahhh science major, that explains it! lol. I forgot you went to MIT, duh. Stuffed gametes are awesome. I want to collect more and have a little shelf above his nursery with them all. Would make for interesting ice breakers when showing people the house πŸ™‚


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