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The litmus test for a sick toddler

Unfortunately, in the grand spirit of sharing, he passed on his bug to K and myself. It’s an interesting prospect to be incredibly sick, care for a toddler, oneself, and not manage to burn the house down in the process. At least he’s 100% better now [and requesting the cookies, cakes, and ice cream promised to him earlier in his illness. Good memory, this one] but can I properly express how rough it is on a mom when her child refuses to eat anything? Though the doctor assured me this was normal, there must be some evolutionary mechanism that makes a mom certifiably OCD super concerned when her child refuses food in any way, shape, or form for two days. While he’s not eating much, a bowl of apple sauce and a handful of cheerios? I’m calling it a victory.

10 thoughts on “The litmus test for a sick toddler”

  1. Yep – my older one won't even eat when she's not sick, so I've had years of that pain πŸ˜‰ But it's all about hydration when they're sick, so as long as he does that, don't stress the food intake during illnesses!


  2. Oh, poor kiddo! (And poor you–sounds like it was probably even WORSE for you than for him!) Hope you're on the mend, and happy to hear that W is starting to feel like his usual happy self again. Thinking of you.


  3. Sadia, unless its group-eating W won't eat generally speaking [though not to this extreme] how do you manage to cope? Do you make her eat?

    Susan, thanks for thinking of us. He's better and hopefully we'll catch up soon!


  4. Wishing you all a speedy recovery Aisha!

    Just to let you know also that I'm tucked up in bed with a
    Cold, with my hot mug of joshanda… And treated myself to a download of “love inshallah” as decided ihadtoreaditrightnow and
    Couldn't wait for delivery. Im 3 stories in
    And already weeping. Love it


  5. Thanks for relating Bongi! And I hope you feel better soon too! Keep me posted on the stories!! xoxoxo and thanks for your support.

    Kate, how on earth do you MANAGE?!


  6. Urgh! So sorry for you all… I sure know how awful that is. Both the food and the sickness. George loves citrus so when he is sick he drinks either milk or water with lemons and oranges. Not lemonade, water with pieces of lemons and oranges in it, and he sucks on the fruit and drinks most of the water. And then I have to change him, because water is wonderful, but one drop on his clothes is reason for full on meltdown. You know, because dealing already with a sick, limp toddler is not fun enough. Thankfully, somehow, I am not aware how, this passes by quickly. As everything else apparently. Bt I digress.
    Hope you're feeling better already.


  7. I feel like there should be a moms support group for those of us dealing with truly picky eaters! I've tried so many different tactics – forcing her to eat, letting her not eat in the hopes that being hungry will bring her to her senses, instituting a 3-bite rule, etc. There are times when I notice her bony knees, or the slight outline of her ribs, and I feel like I want to die at that moment! Despite that, she's actually in a decent weight percentage, so I know I just need to chill out on that front, but I do worry about what I do now and how it will affect her future eating habits. I really do feel that the vast majority of conflict I have with her is over eating, and I hate that to be the case. But for now, I'm making her eat, primarily with dessert bribery, and if that doesn't work, threats (to take away activities/outings.) I know both of those things are considered “wrong”, but she will flat out not eat all day if she can get away with it!


  8. Mina, you're a saint plain and simple. I don't know how one manages a sick toddler annnnnd a baby!!! Seriously I salute you πŸ™‚

    Sadia, it's so hard isn't it ? Waleed goes thru phases. Two weeks of food boycotts and then one week where he eats everything in sight and I get so excited only to have him boycott again the week after. Ugh. Thanks for sharing your experience , it's always something we just do the best we can!!


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