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On mastering the art of prayer

Waleed: Mama, cookie!
Me: No cookies today.
Waleed: Mama, cookie please?
Me: No baby, no cookies.
Waleed: Mama, give me cookie please!!
Me: Look at the box, its empty. There are no cookies. I can’t give you a cookie.

After a moment of silent consideration he turned and walked away. After a moment of persisting silence [which, when toddlers are involved, usually means trouble] I walked into the dining room and saw this:

Allah, cookies, please.

And when that didn’t work, this:

Allah! Cookies?! Please?!

As much as I’m comfortably curled up on the couch, I must admit I’m beginning to foresee a trip to Publix in our very near future. So apparently, prayers work.

20 thoughts on “On mastering the art of prayer”

  1. Awww, so cute!!!! I think it would be very hard not to go get those cookies:)
    Peanut has a scarf that she likes to wear and goes down into sujud at random times. Makes my heart melt!!! Pixie


  2. Little monkey! I am amazed by their ability to copy and mimic us. G mimics us too. A lot! Greatest form of flattery alright, leading (obviously) to cookies.


  3. Thanks Leigh Ann, H, and Mystic!

    Mina, yes, they for better or WORSE mimic is indeed– it does lead to a lot of self-reflection when they imitate the less desirable qualities 🙂


  4. The funniest thing is K went and bought a box of two dozen cookies. And I did too. So now, we have more cookies than we can possibly manage. LOL. Waleed's prayers really did come through 🙂 Thanks Ayesha Khala 🙂


  5. aisha, this post is so flipping cute, my whole family was here last week and i had to show it to my sister who also thought it was ADORABLE. she commented on what a cutie waleed is and how beautiful you are and said how cool it is that i get to make these connections with people from all around the country (and the world) who i don't actually know in real life. she is so right and you are one of my favorites 🙂


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