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Ramadan Mubarak

Each year I hold such high hopes for the holy month. I seek to strengthen my spiritual discipline. To gain closeness with my Maker. To find peace. Each year I succeed in some small part, but each year I do not live up to the full potential the month could give me.

Prayer and fasting are key parts of Ramadan but they mean nothing without the fully intentional heart behind it. There are some moments that can change your life, that can crack you open like a nut from its shell and set you free, I believe this month can do this for someone like me who is on a seemingly endless search for spiritual closeness and peace. A dear friend had an idea to hold one another accountable for the next 20-odd days. To try our best, and check-in daily on our pursuit to make the most of the holy month. I’m excited about the hope this gives me. And I’m amazed at how despite all these years of trying and coming up short, hope remains that this year will be it. 

Ramadan Mubarak to you and yours. May it be everything you need it to be.

10 thoughts on “Ramadan Mubarak”

  1. Ramadan Mubarak to you and your beautiful family! What a beautiful post, hope really is a wonderous thing. Iman is a perpetual cycle of highs and lows, and thats okay!! Its human and normal and even the sahaba asked about it. The important thing is that its never stagnant. May this Ramadan be filled with your highest of highs! Luv you 🙂


  2. Ramadan Mubarak to you, and I do hope that it leads you to the spiritual peace you're seeking. And, barring that, that you derive some satisfaction from the search itself. Thinking of you this month.


  3. Ramadan mubarak! Beautiful post, you and your family will definitely be in my duas!

    It's such an incredible blessing, Allah swt is closer to us than our jugular vein so we don't have to go very far to become close to Him. He is already close to us 🙂

    Love ya sister!!


  4. Ramadan mubarak!
    I'd love a post about how to “involve” little kids in ramadan. Especially now that iftar is so late that they're already asleep (ha, ha … makes it sound as if ramadan is all about eating). Don't know to what extent this is already a topic for you … My daughter is really interested this year but she's 3. I admit to being a bit at a loss when it comes to preschool-friendly ramadan activities.

    Ramadan mubarak,


  5. Muslim Wife, thank you so much for the reminder! Insh'Allah I hope your Ramadan too is the highest of highs! Ameen!

    Susan, that's so true, the journey is just as important as the desitination. Thanks!

    Alex, thanks for your comment and Ramadan Kareem to you as well!

    Kulsum, thanks so much for your beautiful words of inspiration! He is always close to us. Ramadan Mubarak to you too!!

    Natalie, That is a really good idea. Like ou said, its so late so he'll be asleep before its time to even open fast so he won't get to see it so I wasn't thinking of doing much this year, but I am collecting a list of things to do with kids during Ramadan. Might need to write it up into a post thanks for the reminder. Maybe when he's three like your daughter it would be a good time to introduce Ramadan. One of my friends blows up a balloon filled with sprinkles or a small candy bar and at the breaking of fast they pop it and get excited about it. She also does a calendar they hang on the wall and right down something they're thankful for each day and then cross off counting down until Eid. Any ideas you happen to have?


  6. Aisha, my ideas so far are pretty limited, as I mentioned:
    – crafts. I was hoping to do some ramadan decorations, but the way time flies, we might be doing eid decorations instead …
    – I got this book
    Not entirely what I expected, but definitely something to work with. Has already lead to some interesting discussions.
    – I was thinking of doing a ramadan calendar of sorts with a little surprise for each day (inspired by similar concepts that exist for the time leading up to christmas) but never got around to it. I guess I better start planning for next year if I want to do this.
    – We'll definitely be baking for eid. Last year we made simple butter cookies just so that she could actually help. Lots of fun. But then again, this is eid, not so much ramadan.

    And obviously, we're trying to find appropriate answers to all the questions about why we're not eating. I've answered many a questions about ramadan from other adults, but nothing beats an inquisitive 3 year old 😉

    Hope you're ramadan is all you hoped for.



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