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Those parts of parenting you just can’t plan for

Like when your son falls in love with a potato. Yes, a potato. Now admittedly, this is partly my fault. You see, he went through a phase where he thought emptying the pantry was the funnest thing ever. So when he dove into the bag of potatoes on the bottom shelf, I pulled out the smallest one with the smoothest skin and magic markered an authentic, 100% BPA free, Mr. Potato Head.

He loved it. Aloo, he crooned [Potato] and with it he left the pantry alone to show aloo his toys, stuffed animals, and for reasons unknown, the laundry basket. He pulled aloo in his wagon. Watched Sesame Street clutching aloo to his chest. The Three Bears can’t be read alone now, aloo must also be present. Sometimes I would even catch him lying on a pillow in the living room whispering secrets with his beloved aloo. 

Sadly, unlike stuffed bears and monkeys, an aloo, though a hearty root, has a limited shelf life.  And early this week, aloo began showing his age. Knowing Waleed possessed a dear attachment to said aloo but fully aware there were approximately 25 other siblings in the bag, I tossed out the aloo and drew another smile on another potato and presented it to my son.

He looked at the aloo, handed it back to me and marched over to the trashcan where yes, lying within toddler reach was his aloo. He clutched it and stared at me as though to say how could you?  Now, knowing the depths of cruelty I’m capable of, he keeps an eye on aloo a bit more than usual. I’ve gone through the whole stockpile of potatoes and they’re all big monstrous beasts compared to his dainty aloo and I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll have to make a trip to the grocery store, aloo in hand, for a produce guy to help me pick a matching pair to replace his current beloved.

As I type this my son naps and the potato rests on the couch. I swear it’s grinning at me. It’s as if its telling me, french fries I will never be, I am here to stay. 

The aloo. It has seen better days.

What about you? Your kiddo ever develop an attachment to an interesting unexpected item?

23 thoughts on “Those parts of parenting you just can’t plan for”

  1. Hen's in the next room, napping, and I. Cannot. Stop. Laughing. I can barely type this for laughing so hard. Cutest thing ever. Oh my. Please keep us updated on the state of the aloo-relationship as he (aloo, not W!) ages!


  2. Thanks Kate, Anon 🙂

    Susan, LOL glad to give you a chuckle!!!! And yes I will post on the state of the relationship between my son and his pet potato!

    Anon, aw thanks!!


  3. Thanks PJ 🙂

    Jamila, hair brushes! so cute 🙂 At least its not her pet right?! 🙂

    Sunny, lol thanks, and yes this will be used later! Today we took Aloo to Target. He had this thing in his hand as we went shopping. All I can say is, its a story that deserves to be retold! 🙂


  4. My husband and I both are laughing…partially in commiseration at the strange antics toddlers can pull. 🙂 good luck in finding a replacement aloo.


  5. Sarah, glad it gave you guys a good laugh, yes toddlers can be so strange and yet so poker-faced through it all– that's what cracks me up 🙂 And yes, I'll need luck in replacing it! Thank you! 🙂


  6. Though this wasn't my kid, I have a friend with a dear, sweet, sensitive son who has an affinity for plants. Well the little guy made friends with a bunch of broccoli on the counter one day. Then little brother needed a snack and Mom cut off some florets for him. Cue major freak out, crying, screaming about his friend being hurt. Eventually Mom had to do anything she could think of to help this sweet and sensitive boy and scotch taped the broccoli back together.


  7. JOLT—— ROFL. WOW. Thanks for sharing! I love how seriously and truly sincerely they feel each moment. Even moments of broccoli proportions. Poor mom!


  8. My daughter Naya had an “aloo” too, although we called it baby potato. She liked to put it in one of my fluffy socks and pretend he was in a sleeping bag lol


  9. Aw, Anon, that's so cute!!! I guess that is why the toy Mr. Potato Head is so popular, its a common enjoyable activity for kiddos 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  10. ROFLMAO! One of my favorite posts ever.

    My younger son had a similar attachment to a mini pumpkin around that age. Thanks for reminding me of it 🙂


  11. My 5 yo just found her pet rock “Lonely” tucked under somewhere for the last year or two. Lonely is now being made special beds, has a place of honor on the dresser, and the Kid wants to know if she can run errands with us. And now the 2yo has a rock of her own. At least they're durable!


  12. OMG this was BEYOND cute!!! Thank you for making my day and making me break into the biggest smile! Especially thanks to Waleed for being as sweet and cute as he is (mashAllah!!)

    And, not to forget.. thanks to Mr. Aloo!


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