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Oceans, toddlers, and swimming in yoga pants

I grew up by the beach. As a child we made sand castles and dove into the salty water while our mothers chatted on blankets and our fathers practiced their best volleyball moves. Once I could drive I went nearly daily to the quiet beaches of Jupiter, doing homework, reading a book, hanging with friends— something about the ocean brings me peace and now that I live hundreds of miles from a seashore, I miss it dearly.

Things have been busy and somewhat stressful on my end and unfortunately it now seems they have no sign of slowing down but what remains my serenity now is in less than two weeks, the three of us are packing up our car and [weather withstanding] heading to Amelia Island for a beach weekend. I’ve lived and stayed near beaches but this is the first time I’ll be beach-front and the thought of sleeping with the sound of ocean waves drifting through the room and stepping outside the front door and sinking my feet into the grainy sand? Just thinking about it and my stress feels gone.ย 

I wish I could give my son the weekly trips to the beach I grew up with and feel a twinge of regret that the ocean won’t be his constant companion [though, on the bright side he won’t have hurricanes– so there’s that] ] but I’m so excited that we’ll have a weekend as a family beach-front to enjoy and remember for years to come.

Taken your kid on a weekend beach trip? What are the essentials to take for optimal health, safety and, equally importantly, fun for toddler? I see foam noodles at stores but presume those are for pools. Floaties? Any particular sand toy equipment that’s a must have? And, on a personal note, anyone reading who like me doesn’t really prance about in a bathing suit? I always end up in track pants or yoga pants in pursuit of religious kosherness but they obviously cling and don’t look nice if you go in the water— what do others do? Any tips most appreciated.

13 thoughts on “Oceans, toddlers, and swimming in yoga pants”

  1. I bought swimming capris from and wear and swim skirt over them for a looser coverage around the butt. The legs are still tight, but there is really no way to avoid that in a swimsuit material. I wea a rash guard on top.


  2. Bring sandbox toys and make sure there are several buckets and/or containers to mix sand and water in. We only have a river with a beach-like area nearby but that's what we usually take. And a ball of course.

    As for your dress question …. I usually wear a UV shirt but haven't found a good solution in terms of pants yet. To swim I go with yoga pants although they cling way too much once I'm out of the water. I like Pixie's solution with the board shorts. Board shorts of capri length would about cover my comfort zone ๐Ÿ˜‰



  3. you know, we live on the beach so you think we'd be spending every day down there, but i guess since it's so close we sort of take it for granted. my suit includes a swim tank for a top and two different options for the bottom, one is a swim skirt and the other is a pair of full coverage bottoms with board shorts.


  4. Thanks Rasha for the link, I had no idea they made things like this!

    Thank you Susan! I'm loving the coolibar website!

    Pixie, thanks!!! Will have to look for some feminine board shorts ๐Ÿ™‚ Where did you get yours?

    Natalie, yes yoga shorts are a major pain! Thanks for the advice on beach toys and a ball! I wouldn've forgot to think of that, Thanks!!!

    Kate, I guess in Michigan you also have a limited of days to use the beach too since it does get so cold. Where did you get your board shorts? Do you use guy ones?


  5. I use the JJ cole Essentials blanket for the beach. It is awesome and sand wipes right off. The best toys we have are like a PP said, lots of buckets and shovels. A big dump truck is fun, too. We make W wear swim trunks that are too big so they cover his entire legs. He also wears a hat and a swim shirt. I haven't had any luck getting that kid in the water, though, so water toys are a bust right now. Have a great time!


  6. Thanks Cheryll, I'm going to look that blanket up now! And good idea about the dump truck, I have three but never thought to take them along. Good point also on keeping them as covered as possible from the sun, thanks so much!


  7. there's tons of place you can get board shorts, i think i got the ones i have now online. lands end makes nice suits that have full coverage bottoms, that's where i got mine.


  8. Can't help you on the swim gear, but for removing sand I recommand baby powder. It makes sand removal loads easier! And make sure you check all tiny pockets and folds for sand – or you end up with so much sand indoors, usually in bed (of all the places, weird, I know, but true).
    George loves best the shovel, everything else we improvise: boxes for bucket and sand forms, twigs for accesories, leaves (or shells) for building improvement, and so on. I am tired of carrying everything but the kitchen sink to the sand pit, so I am proof that laziness sharpens the creativity (you would not believe what a paper bag can do in the sand…).


  9. Kate, lands end is one I keep hearing about I will have to check that out. Thanks!

    Mina, baby powder! Never would have guessed, thanks for all the great tips!


  10. I do pool side yoga and I swim in yoga pants or other full length sweats/leggings. They're very comfortable. I can still swim quite well. I think you need to find the right fit. I also swim in yoga pants at the beach and don't mind walking around soaking wet afterwards. For top, I wear a tanktop or T-shirt.


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