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Cooktops, laptops, and other random thoughts

My laptop went kapoot. Again. There’s something with me and laptops, we simply don’t see eye to eye for more than two years. I paid the hefty premium for a macbook over a regular laptop because I heard they perform better and are less prone to breakage but since the day I purchased the laptop I’ve had issues with the logicboard, the track pad, and lo and behold two years later kapoot. Luckily its fixable [for a tidy fee] but until then I’m computerless except today when hubby brought his work laptop home. The genius at the apple genius bar thinks my chronic laptop issue might be because I don’t charge on surge protectors and while my particular issue at the moment with my mac is not surge protector related, it’s something worth trying as a new laptop every two years is an expensive habit. How often do you go through them?

I’m slowly settling into my new house and while I miss the neighborhood vibe of my old hood I do love the house. His playroom is coming along and the backyard is cleared for the swingset arriving in three weeks and this is all very exciting. What’s not exciting? Our cook top:
I could live with the fact that its not gas, and I could live with the fact that its original to the house built in 1988, and while I love the vent that pulls all cooking smells outdoors, the issue is the cooking space. Two burners and a huge grill contraption. I am baffled at taking up half the stove with a grill. Did they not have grills in 1988? This is the South. Grilling is part of the social code of conduct. Outdoor grilling. Also, how messy would grilling on an electric stove get?! At first I thought I can still cook on it and waited 55 minutes for water to boil on the grill. It never did. The previous owners did a lot of updating to the house with lovely tiled bathrooms and granite countertops and a stainless steel dishwasher but I am dumbfounded how they lived in this house for 24 years and were not perplexed by the stove. Based on the absolute flawless condition the vintage stovetop is in I can only presume they did not cook– ever. Do any of you reading use such a stove? Replacing it is not as easy as I imagined since no one makes cook tops this size anymore. They are either a great deal bigger, or a few inches smaller than the given space. So. We have to replace the entire island with new granite and a new stove. We’ll also switch out to gas while we’re at it. In the meantime I cook one-dish meals and embrace the oven.

First world problems, I know.


Something strange this way happened as my son now sleeps in until 9am every day [knock on wood, throw salt over shoulder, hang evil eye amulet over crib]. Considering we began our mornings around 6:45, this is a lovely new development. However, corresponding with this new development is a befuddlement as to what time to put the little guy down for his nap. He still wants a nap but I am not sure what time as noon is way too early after one wakes at 9am. Do your little ones wake at the blessed hour of nine or so? What time do they go down for naps? When did your little one stop taking naps? My best friend still naps her daughter who is five but another friend said her doctor urged her to quit at 28 months but I need he needs those naps! It can’t stop!!


I am no Suzy Homemaker so cleaning tips are not something you’ve ever seen on this blog and likely will never see again but I had to share my most recent cleaning discovery should it be of interest to someone reading like did you know vinegar plus water creates the best cleaning product out there? Particularly for hard wood floors? I’ve used so many different cleaning solutions on these hardwood floors but they always looked a bit off until I tried this combination today and voila— smooth shiny floors you could eat a meal on without any harsh chemicals– and vinegar? It’s cheap.

In other cleaning enlightenments the best way to clean glass? Use regular old windex or vinegar + water + a dash of dish soap but the key in amazing clean? Use newspapers to wipe, not paper towels. It has changed my life. Streak-free wonderfully clean windows. It may be that this news is akin to me telling you that pedicures help toes look pretty but if this is news to you too, try it– its not only greener, and cheaper, the effects are cleaner.

16 thoughts on “Cooktops, laptops, and other random thoughts”

  1. Wow to that cooktop contraption. How could one cook desi canna on that???
    Let him nap! He's growing physically and mentally. It will change, again. Always changes with the little one! My 4 year-old stopped napping at 3.5 years, but he was early to bed due to pre-school.
    Lap tops- ni problem! My son uses one (dell) I got 9 years ago.
    I make vinegar, water, borax, dishw soap and use for everything!


  2. And Leigh Ann, any kanna is hard on this thing! Desi is actually easiest since I can make aloo gobee, bhindi, chicken karhai in one pot without the need for three burners in use— but I miss making other stuff 😦


  3. Newspapers scratch my windows, so I don't use them anymore. I have a glass cleaning contraption which hubs loves and since this means I don't clean them, we'll keep it forever!


  4. i got my laptop in december of 2009, it's still going strong and i hope it lasts me another couple of years. louise is still napping (most of the time), she wakes up between 9 and 10 and i usually put her down for a nap between 12 and 1, she tends to wake up between 3 0r 4 and goes to bed at 8pm every night.


  5. 2 years is pretty short a lifetime for a laptop. I was expecting more from a mac…I'm still saving money and mustering up the courage to spend all that amount on a macbook, just because I've always heard good things about it. If you decide to switch to Windows, stay away from HP and Acer laptops! They are dirt cheap, but are some of the worst machines ever. If you can get your hands on a Lenovo (formerly IBM) Thinkpad, those are pretty durable notebooks. I'd highly recommend those!

    And I love reading about and trying out different cleaning tips 🙂 A recent exercise I tried out was to wipe the washroom taps with a paper towel dabbed (lightly) with rubbing alcohol. No streaks, and no germs!


  6. My older stopped napping at 28 months (just as the little one arrived!), but we saw it coming for months. Let him nap if he needs it. You'll know it's time to stop when you can't get him to sleep until late in the evening. And even then, there will be a phase with impromptu naps. They still happen in our house. Actually more frequently right now than they did 6 months ago, and she just turned 3.



  7. Mina, oh dear, scratches?! What contraption does the hubby use?!

    Kate, hmm that's interesting, she manages to fall asleep at 12 after having only been up for a few hours? Maybe I could try with W.

    Nina, I think its just me and laptops, I wouldn't judge a mac based on my history with it. I will say their customer service is terrific. Thanks for the advice about HP and Acer laptops, I appreciate it! And great tip on the alcohol as cleaning and disinfectant!

    Natalie, thanks for sharing your personal experience— does your little one with the impromptu naps just lie down and nap? How can you tell “today is a nap day?” I always put him down for a nap at a certain time but I feel lik ehe'd never tell me if it was up to him!


  8. Oh, if you ask my daughter, it never, ever is nap time 🙂 We can usually tell because she gets cranky or unusually upset about little things. Also, it seems to come in waves. A couple of weeks ago she fell asleep almost every time if we were in the car in the afternoon for more than 10-15 minutes. Now, we can again drive even for 30 minutes and she is still chatting and singing.

    If you do decide to skip naps, expect a transition phase were late afternoons are … challenging. But if he is ready to go without naps, that should only take a couple of days.



  9. Lenovo Thinkpads are quite durable… Macbooks are supposed to be too – so you had done a good job with your research and choice! I'm so sorry it went kapoot – luckily it will be fixable iA!

    I don't think the surge protector is an issue at all – so don't feel too guilty for not having done it. Never heard of that!

    You might have gotten stuck w/ a defective one… maybe you should raise the issue that it has had so many problems and you think it should be traded out for a nondefective/new one? Could possibly be negotiated and not unheard of…

    with lots of love and duas for both the excitement and adjustment of the new home (mA)!!! ~Kulsum

    PS: please keep me in your duas! im meeting a prospective rishta soon inshAllah – and i really hope it works out! im excited! for the first time i think it is a match!


  10. Natalie, thanks for the comment,k your'e right, the nap-readiness is often obvious when they start the crying for no reason and general crankiness, lol. Glad to hear there may still be naps in my future!

    Kulsum, thanks for all the tips! I do think I have a defective one, I wonder if after the third issue they might declare it a lemon? I've had issues with the track pad, the logic board, it often forgets the date and time and year, its very annoying.

    AND—- you are in my duaas! How very excited, insh'Allah what is best is what will be, fingers crossed 🙂


  11. Hi there. I just wanted to chime in on naps in relation to a 9:00 wake up. My dd is almost 22 months and she sleeps till almost 9:00 usually. My general rule of thumb, that I've folloewd since she went down to one nap a day, is to put her down for a nap about 4 hours after she wakes up. This just seems to be the time that she isn't too tired, but tired enough to sleep. And her nap is usually close to 2 hours.


  12. Ah, you're a rookie in terms of cleaning. All old tried and true tips. My mum taught me this one – to get rid of odors, pour vinegar into large bowl and set it out to absorb odours. Also vinegar and baking soda to deodorize sink drain. Also vinegar to clean chicken.

    I've also heard good things about Lenova thinkpads and since my Toshiba laptop is crapping out after only 3 years, I'm going to get one.


  13. Big Ive (26mo) takes a 2 hour nap just about every day. Sometimes it's only 30 minutes and other times it's as long as 3.5 hours. She wakes at 7 and goes down between 12 and 2. I don't have a set schedule so it happens when I see she is tired enough. Sometimes she gets to play for a while after eating lunch. Other times we don't even get lunch eaten before she needs to sleep.

    I say let him keep napping as long as he needs it. I don't know why you would want your very young child to stop napping when they continue to grow so much.


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