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We moved into our house and have until now been sans internet since Sunday. I’ve tried unplugging from television and internet in the past. And failed. So it was interesting to have the power of plugging taken away from me with even my ‘smart phone’ refusing to comply consistently with my need desire for connectivity. Still, the break helped me recharge, unpack, and eat ice cream on the deck at night because well, what else where there to do?

Since being away, I’ve been sad to see things haven’t been so great for my friend Kate. She’s held my hand in many a tough time and I’m so sad things are so very difficult for her right now. It’s not raining, or pouring for her, its a series of twisters and typhoons; if you have a minute, please click over and send her a word of support, kind words can go a long way to light very dark places.

Hope all is well with you and yours.

4 thoughts on “Connecting”

  1. I guess this is to much to ask but please write what factors you looked into buying this particular house. I am in the process of browsing houses and in need of good post! Its really hard when house is very new but expensive, good neighborhood but too old etc etc


  2. *hugs* Kate. Thinking of you.

    Mystic, interestingly I used *your* advice as part of my process as you told me that I would definitely miss space if I gave that up to live in a great location. So while we are no longer walkable like we were we have a house we could never get in that area. I think as I see my son gallop around the house that you were right, space matters.

    As for old versus new, etc etc etc we looked at EVERYTHING and the current house we're in is not new by any means [1988] but we ultimately balanced everything [space, location, schools, commute, price] and decided this was our best option. It's not easy becuse no matter what you are making a compromise!


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