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On Saturdays, scooters, and italian ice

This is the first Saturday in a long time where we had the day completely to ourselves. The calm before the storm of a busy week to come and the months that will follow in a frenzy as we finalize our house [a post on that coming soon!] and so we spent it drinking in our little village, wandering over to our local coffee shop and letting Waleed weave in and out of the scooters lining the path.

Then off we walked to the nearby touch-a-truck event where he touched police cars, inspected fire trucks and ‘drove’ dump trucks.

After naptime we headed to our local dogwood festival to people-watch, listen to music, and examine art too expensive to purchase. Later, we settled onto the soft patchy grass in the center of the park with an Italian ice for me, and a frisbee for my boys to toss around. I used to take tons of pictures but lately my camera gathers dust. Today we took close to fifty and while I loved them all, this impromptu one is my favorite. Maybe its because he’s so clearly a sugar addict connoisseur like his mother. Or maybe its because he looks less like a baby and more like a buddy digging in. Or maybe its because its been a tough couple of weeks with daggers thrown to my core as I’ve had to finally accept that some things just are what they are and instead of being upset about it, I have to make my peace with it– and when I look at pictures of me and my son– peace just comes easier.

Or maybe I love it because I just do.

Because when I look at it, I feel happy. Sometimes the reason can be as simple as this.

15 thoughts on “On Saturdays, scooters, and italian ice”

  1. I discovered this blog about 2 hours ago and haven't stopped reading since! I love the letters to your son. Those are so sweet! And the conversations with your husband are so funny and sweet also. This blog has put a smile on my face :-). I hope more great things/sugary candy will come your way:-)


  2. Thanks Pilgrim!

    Salaam Kulsum, thanks for your comment and welcome to the blog! 🙂 I appreciate all your kind words and hope to see you around here! 🙂

    Mystic, thanks!

    Mina, thank you, its rare the photographer ever gets photographed isn't it? I'm assuming you also are the ones behind the lens it seems us mothers often are!


  3. This is an awesome picture of you and your son! You're right he doesn't look much like a baby anymore 🙂
    Sorry to hear that some things are rough for you right now.


  4. Hi Aisha, I've just recently started reading your blog and I have to say, you're an admirable writer 🙂 Looking forward to reading more!


  5. He's growing so fast! Love the pic in the car; his bliss is obvious. Life has a way of taking us in unexpected directions, and not always happy ones. But you have much to love in your life just as it is:)


  6. Cindy, I re-read that three times, your last two sentences. Thank you for the reminder. As much as one tries to focus on their blessings, and to be gentle when faced with obstacles, you're right, life is good as is. Thank you.


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