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Portrait of Motherhood

It’s been one week; the longest my little guy’s ever been sick. Whimpering, crying, trying to find peace from pain and clutching me close with full belief that only I could help him find his way through. Thankfully the steroids the doctor gave him at the ER yesterday for croup are working and tonight is the first night I hear him sleeping without wheezing or choking on his coughs. As I looked at photos this evening I found myself staring at this one, a simple moment spontaneously snapped unknown to us as he crawled through a tunnel, hopping over gaps and winding past twisty turns and I thought to myself that this? This captures motherhood in a way words never can. Hope to always be there to help him through:

7 thoughts on “Portrait of Motherhood”

  1. Oh no! So sorry he's been so unhappily sick. Croup-coughs are the scariest sounds ever, in my book. Glad the doc got him something to ease his distress, and hoping he gets over it soon.

    And a lovely post–a wonderful photo. Yeah. Hoping to be there to help him through. That's it, exactly, what we're all trying to do, to be, for our kids. Thank you for putting it into words (and a lovely image!) here.


  2. I love this picture and your thoughts on it–you are so right about it completely capturing motherhood.

    Hope Waleed recovers soon-it's harder on us when they are sick than when we are sick it seems!


  3. Susan, it stinks 😦 Thanks for your encouragement and for letting me know you relate to this post!

    RAcael, thanks so much, long time! πŸ™‚ and yes, definitely I share your sentiments on that, I am currently sick from whatever he has, and I'm definitely not remotely heart broken over it, πŸ™‚

    Kate, Mystic, Thanks!! He's getting better just as I'm getting worse, LOL. Figures!


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