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The headache post

Migraines to be specific. The throbbing, aching kind that sees your ibuprofen and laughs like a Disney villain. The kind that makes it really hard to wake up at 6:50am when the little guy begins chirping from his crib. Any tried and true remedies? This squinty-eyed mother will be forever grateful.

16 thoughts on “The headache post”

  1. Thanks Anon

    Hausermiller, I need to stock up on some excederin. I never used to get headaches/migraines but lately they're a very regular appearance figure I may as well learn to cope with them. . . dull is better than one! Thanks!


  2. Feverfew. Either the leaves themselves or in pill form. My mom, who has a whole slew of medical issues, ALSO came down with horrid migraines and really didn't want to be using another pain-duller. I'd just started using the fresh leaves for my own very occasional headaches with very good results. So she tried taking it in pill form. She hasn't had a migraine since.


  3. Aisha, for a while I was getting such bad headaches every day. I even went to a neurologist and had an MRI done when we couldn't figure out what was causing them. (If you wake up with headaches, that can be a sign of a serious problem according to my doctor.) The MRI didn't reveal anything and I continued to suffer. One day, I mentioned this to my personal trainer and he took that coupled with my complaints about not being able to do exercise associated with my neck and discovered that my neck was completely knotted up. Half of my training became rolling my neck with one of these: http://www.amazon.com/Tiger-Tail-Rolling-Muscle-Massager/dp/B000FE82QU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1331307423&sr=8-1

    My headaches are gone! It is something with the knots in your neck doing something something that causes the headaches. That is the technical lingo. 🙂 Good luck!! (If you don't want to invest in a roller just try a rolling pin for a while to see if it helps. I just didn't ilke the way the rolling pin felt so I ordered a roller.)


  4. sorry to hear you're not feeling well, i hope you get better very soon. unfortunately the only headache advice i have is ibuprofen, which it sounds like you've already tried. i do, however, often find that my headaches are due to dehydration, are you drinking lots of water?


  5. Thanks so much everyone for your advice and feedback. SYounis, I think you're on to something because I had migraines like this about a year ago and it was neck related. Thanks for the tips everyone. . . I'm going to have to hit up my local masseuse and see if this will help ease things, I wonder if because its at the end of a long day the headache comes because of the neck muscles. Katery, I definitely thin water has something to do with it.


  6. Well, I am aretired neurologist and as expected some 'sufferers' gave their input for helping you. In your case if you are having more than three per week, you need a preventive medication. On the condition these are true migrains. Like the “twisted muscles of neck (see above) was not true migrain but Muscle tension headace and yes you can get it on waking up. Every bad headache is NOT migrain in MY terminology.
    I have not diagnosed your headache baitee so I am not offering treatment.
    Incidentally I am directed to your blog from “Mystic”. who follows my blog even though I am not a good writer (My own daughter is also Ayesha, so please do not mind me calling you baitee)


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