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Motherhood, mint icecream, and sea monsters

The day I saw my son’s heartbeat I wept joyful tears at the pulsing flicker on the screen. The curl of his hair, the smiles that light the universe, his first steps, hugs, and kisses, and all the ordinary ways of boys make me puff out like a strutting peacock. It is the way of mothers.

I used to photographically chronicle nearly every breath Waleed took [no really, come by sometime, my iPhotos are like a claymation project of his first year of life] but lately I’m lagging so when Waleed climbed into my lap yesterday I seized the opportunity to snap a picture and sent it to my parents who’ve missed the regular barrage of pictures that once were.Β  Ten minutes later I got a call.

Ami: We got the photo! We put it as our desktop wallpaper!
Me: I’m glad you liked it!
Ami: I love it, what a great photo of both of you!!!
Me: Well, my baby looks adorable but I’m a notch below sea monster here.
Ami: Hey!!
Me: What?
Ami: Don’t talk about my baby like that!

My love for my mother is deeper than oceans but I didn’t know until I had a child that the love a child has for their parent is a different flavor than the love a parent has for their child. It’s like only knowing brownie fudge ice cream all your life and then discovering the glory that is mint chocolate chip. Motherhood introduced me to flavors I didn’t know existed; amazing but astonishingly different tastes to the senses.

I still call my almost two-year-old my baby so I can only smile at my mother’s deadpan admonishment that I not in any way berate hers. It’s hard to imagine that one day my little one might have little ones but when that day comes I’m pretty sure, like my own mother, I’ll see the man he grew to be, but also the baby whose toes I tickled, and whose aching tummy I massaged. He will always be my baby, a source of more joy and love than I previously thought the world could possibly contain.

15 thoughts on “Motherhood, mint icecream, and sea monsters”

  1. It really is a different flavor, isn't it? It's one you can never imagine until you've tasted it yourself. Alhamdulilah for the blessing of motherhood.

    — Rasha


  2. I love this pic!!! So sweet!!! My mom always said that I would never know how much she loved me until she had a child. Now I totally get it. My mom still calls me her baby too!:) Pixie


  3. Ayesha, mashallah that's such a lovely photo!!!
    Your post was as though you had plucked my
    Every thought out
    Of my brain!!! I've also slacked totally on taking
    Photos of my
    Daughter and seeing as I'm the one that takes them,
    I'm always the one least in them with her!!
    I've been making an effort now and have some recent photos
    With her!

    Also just spent a week at my mums, being
    Their baby and making use of willing babysitters
    So I can study for my
    Upcoming exam. How on earth do mums find
    The time
    To study?? My little is up between 5:30'and 6:30
    These days I don't know
    What's up!!! She used
    To wake up at a leisurely 9:00am!

    Anyway lovely photo xx


  4. Exactly! I have had the same thoughts and still call my little guy “baby” – I've plan to continue to do so until he explicitly asks me not to…and then I'm sure I'll just be curbing the thought out-loud πŸ™‚


  5. Bongi- my hats off to you that you can study and raise a child– I absolutely cannot imagine!! Glad you had family to 'baby' you this weekend and good luck with your exams!!!! 😦

    Banshee, lol, you and me both then huh? Maybe our kids will have blogs to complain about it one day πŸ˜‰ thanks for sharing though long time!


  6. Raising here…this is so true. Bear has been sick – for awhile now – and her pedi started talking about CT scans and other tests to try to determine the source of her fever. Of course, I googled what all of this could mean and got some scary possibilities, which lead to a night of crying. I realized that I can lose a parent and eventually return to a mostly normal life, but if I lost my child, I would never, ever recover. Fortunately, Bear's fever finally broke and she is on the road to recovery.


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