7 thoughts on “They really do grow up too fast”

  1. Well, one can only shake their head and think how silly we seemed to be when we were his age. And try to hide the smile, so that he is not encouraged to try some more.

    George also amazes me with some things he figures out for himself. We got him a play screwdriver, actually a set, because he seems very fond of his dad's tools. The first time he got them, after squealing for joy, he got all the tools out of the case and started “working” on the baby gate we had to put up down the staircase (he climbs 13 steps in less than 20 sec. My heart stopped when I saw him swinging from the top baby gate, when I thought he left for the kitchen…). And he was trying to fit his screwdrivers where the screws were! How did he know to do that?! And now any screw he sees, he has to go 'work” on it.

    Definitely not a baby anymore. Any why is it they they can figure THIS out, and not how to say proper words?! Huh?! I just bet they will just not stop talking once they get started, but until then, I cannot wait.


  2. Mina you also have one that fully gets it all but chooses not to say anything? I thinkk our boys think they're to good for it, lol. And no, no babies anymore 😦

    SO cute about the screw drivers. They're fast these kids.


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