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Happy Twenty-One Month Birthday

Dear Waleed,

Today you turned twenty-one months old and these past two months have been busy. You climb out of cribs, eat tangerines like an addict, search in rooms and on tabloid covers for nani and mamu [like Russell Brandt, which, really? Which Mamu is he?] and generally melt my heart in a million different ways like when you look at me wide-eyed asking for baby ziraffa to accompany you on outings including grocery store visits, a very new thing, and also, very cute. Also cute? How you take my receipt post-purchase and examine it for a good five minutes for what I presume are discrepancies.

Save one week, you spent your twentieth month in Florida with your nani, nana, mamus, mami and khala dancing, stomping and playing the piano to your heart’s delight. It began a bit stressful with you hysterical if I left your sight for even a second. Like, panic-attack freak-out melt-downs if I so much as stood up from the table. I had imagined sleeping in every morning at my mom’s house with her taking you to play but you refused saying for the first time the word nahin with an emphatic head shake. Luckily things quickly changed once you melted into their love and then it became mama? mama who? Which, was, very okay.  

They love you so much they’d do anything for you. For example, you love swings, you think they’re the best thing since milk, so they decided you needed one of your very own, except all the stores were sold out. So nana made you one. Out of a crate. And while it perplexed you, you swang in it, swang your stuffed animals it, and then, when swings came back in stock, your nana brought you one, and you swang gleefully in that too while we all sat in the porch drinking tea around you.

This was also the month of house-hunting. Every weekend rain or shine we house-hunt. Recently, I’ve noticed when we go for our daily stick collecting excursion walk you race up to choice houses along the way trying to let yourself in. Which, for the longest time perplexed me until I realized you think its the natural way of things to walk up to homes, open them and poke around inside. Seeing you race through vacant houses makes me wistful. While house-hunting is in some ways interesting, it involves a lot of other emotions too, but for you, its just one thing, its fun. All this to say that if you grow up to become a  successful real estate mogul, this is probably why. I just wonder if baby ziraffa will come with the home showing shtick then too.

If I had to say one thing to sum up these two months its that its so much fun to be your mother. I hope you know this love, it’s your birthright. There’s a lot of places in life you’ll have to earn your respect, you’ll have to prove you belong, but when it comes to me, I am your given.


Your Mama

16 thoughts on “Happy Twenty-One Month Birthday”

  1. I have been silently following your blog for a while and lover these posts they are simple and beautiful. They resonate even more now that I a new mama, thank you 🙂


  2. Ah, I see it is now your turn my long ago blogging friend, I did not know this! What a gorgeous, sweet faced little boy who so fortunate to call you Mama! ~Vicki


  3. Dreamy it makes my day that you stopped to say hi! Thanks for your kind words and congrats on your new baby!!!

    Anon, you should, its never too late!!!!! 🙂 Thank you!

    Mina, mischievious forewarning is right. He usually springs that grin on me after toppling or ripping or destroying something. He's good.

    Vicki, I literally got misty eyed reading your comment. Thank you for your comment, and thank you for all your bloggy-friendship-support those many moons ago. Glad that you are doing well too!


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