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Waleed versus Crib. Waleed: 2. Crib: 0. Mama: Frazzled. [**Updated]

Just yesterday K and I had the following conversation:

K: When do you think we should transition him into a toddler bed?
Me: Maybe when he’s three?
K: Not sooner? Like when we get a house? 
Me: That crib is the only reason he agrees to sleep. He can escape a toddler bed. He can’t escape a crib.

Why did I tempt fate by having this conversation? Don’t I know better? 

Because as of twenty minutes ago? He can climb out of his crib. Twice. I put him in for his nap. I leave the room. Two minutes later, grinning baby in PJs in the living room. I moved the rocking chair to the other end of his room. I took away his bumper. Two minutes later, the pitter patter of little feet on hardwood floors. K came home and Waleed eagerly demonstrated how:

And while its good to know how he does it. I also need to figure out how to stop it. Because this? This is bad. This is very very bad. I’m going to put him in his sleep sack for the next attempt since I’m assuming that might make things more challenging for him, but I can’t transition him to a toddler bed yet since we’re in a microscopic condo and we really want to stick with the furniture we have, and also because if we put him in a toddler bed how will we ever convince him to sleep since its so easy to jump out of a toddler bed? Though I guess its getting easy for him to jump out of a crib too.  

As I watch him stroll around the condo in his footed PJs inspecting books and relocating our shoes, I sense a self-satisfied pride in his gait. While I do want him to assert his sense of self, I do not want it asserted in Houdini-like-crib-escapes. Any advice, commiseration, sympathy will be rewarded in eternal gratitude from this very befuddled and quite overwhelmed mama.

26 thoughts on “Waleed versus Crib. Waleed: 2. Crib: 0. Mama: Frazzled. [**Updated]”

  1. My cousin puts her kids in bed and makes them watch a TV channel here called Baby TV. During the night time programme, it has calming patterns and images and soothing music.

    Some may disagree about having a TV in the room but it calms the kids down fast enough that they get sleepy and fall asleep.

    The first thing to do is to not pay attention to him too much. Just take him back to his room and not look straight at him. And repeat it. When he realises he will always be put straight back with no reaction, he'll get bored.

    Or you could try putting the matress further down or raising the bars to make it a bit harder for him. Or try a stairs gate in the doorway to stop him getting out of his room.

    I think he's a bit too young for a toddler bed. Two and three year old tend to have them.


  2. oh my gosh, you have my sympathy! i know this day is coming soon and i am dreading it! we've got louise's mattress dropped as low as it will go and she sleeps in a sleep sack for every nap and every bedtime, hopefully this will buy us some time, so far it has worked (knock on wood). have you tried one of those nets that goes over the top of the crib? they aren't exactly sturdy, but maybe it would discourage him from climbing out?


  3. Kamille, thanks! I think its really good idea to not give it any big deal that he did what he did, just keep putting him back in, eventually he will get bored. Thanks for the insight, I appreciate it.

    Kate, he's napping right now and I'm just decromprsesing. It was so frustrating! I think a net would make him more alert and try to attack it, lol, but I will have to research that. I think the sleep sack which I didn't do today was the issue. . . no ore mistakes on that front!!!


  4. I am SO sympathetic! My daughter started LITERALLY throwing herself out of her crib when she was about 10 months old — she could barely walk! We actually bought a tent-like product that went over the crib (made out of mesh) so she couldn't climb out. I was so terrified she'd hurt herself! We transitioned to a “big girl bed” when she was 2 when we moved to a new house! Paradoxically, once it was no longer a challenge, she was perfectly willing to stay in her bed! (p.s. that twins video is one of my all time favorites — love it!)


  5. I have twins who share a room, I can't have them climbing out of their beds! I haven't experienced it yet, but I'm all ready for it if climbing out becomes a problem. Lots of twin moms swear by crib tents and I purchased two just to be ready when/ if I need them. They are pricy, but climbing out is not safe, and sleep is SO important. Here is a link to amazon

    Good luck!


  6. Julia, thank you for helping me feel far less alone! I really appreciate it. I think when we move we may have to think about a toddler bed. Right now itsjust one more piece of furniture we can't fit. And the thoguht of having even more to move make sme feel dizzy!

    JOLT, I am going to show that to my husband and order it today. That may be exactly what we need. My only concern will be if he will take it as a source of entertainment, but its still worth it to try. Thanks!!!


  7. Jeez, they are like monkeys, toddlers are! There is nothing in my house that George can't climb. Thankfully, the crib is not of interest because it has three slats that come off and this is how he gets in and out. I put him in a sleep sack for the night and it works. But honestly, you have my sympathy. Hope you find a solution for this soon. 🙂 keep us posted.


  8. Simeen, you and me both!!! My mom told me I got out of my crib a few times and she was convinced my dad took her out to play a prank on her, now I can tell her that this was definitely NOT the case!

    Mina, I think the sleep sack is what messed us up. From now on, sleep sack NO MATTER WHAT. lol


  9. Did you read my post when I gained a few more grey hairs? My Precious vaulted out of his crib and landed on the hardwood floor, not once, but twice. – THUD!!! Not nice. He was fine, but I was a wreck. We transitioned the crib into a toddler bed, put down a duvet until he got the hang of landing on his feet. Then we made sure the door was closed properly. He actually stayed in his bed cause we made such a big deal out of the fact that he had a big boy bed. However, there are crib tent things I've seen on (I didn't use a sleep sack because I knew it wouldn't stop him from trying to get out.)


  10. We ended up totally childproofing the bedroom and putting a gate on the door and basically turning the entire room into a crib. I had one that started vaulting out at 15 months. yikes.


  11. A woman, yes now that you mention it I do remember. HOW FREAKY isn't it?!?! I will try the sleep sack, then I will rotate the crib so the high side is facing out, and finally I will attempt the net, and last straw: toddler bed. What an ordeal lol

    Sarah, I thin we're going to do exactly that. Great idea!


  12. LOL he's always like this Tracy, he takes crazy “risks” to us, but he always seems to know what he's doing. He's very careful. A blessing for such a bundle of trouble, lol 🙂


  13. You have my sympathy.
    We never had this problem, but my older one simply hated her crib, so we transitioned her onto a mattress (a thin one) when she was 18 months. She was so happy to be out of her crib that she never tried to come out of her room (I won't mention the other sleep ordeals we had though …). If she'd tried, I think I would have put a gate at the door of her room. Seemed safer than other options.
    All this to say that you might want to think mattress instead of toddler bed – less to move and no risk of falling out of bed.



  14. I put Kara back in her sleep sac for naps after I saw her trying to get her foot up over the rail. (She was already in it for nighttime) It works. She hasn't climbed out yet.


  15. Now that's a great escape – I would be proud of an attempt like that! Notice how he grabs the other end (0:25) to steadily balance himself before letting go, now that's a sign of a smart kid!


  16. Natalie, I've tried mattress on the floor when on trips and he just sees it as an excuse to make a run for it, but I think your'e right, between a toddler bed escapee and a mattress on the floor escapee, the latter is far more preferable! Thanks for your comment!

    🙂 Anon

    Kate, yes the sleep sack will ALWAYS be on, I actually am planning to order a few more, lol.

    Mezba, all the things you get to look forward to one day insh'Allah 🙂

    Anon, mash'Allah he's not talking much but he will definitely be doing Olympic hurdles one day mash'Allah 🙂


  17. Oh my goodness! At least he's graceful & doesn't fall, though–definitely a gymnast in the making! 10 point landing all the way! Sadly I have no advice (or, happily for MY sake.) But I'll be very interested to hear how you handle it, since I'm sure Hen's just a few months away from this sort of gray-hair-making-behavior!


  18. My son was 18 months old when he tried to jump out of crib and fall on floor (luckily carpeted). We took him to ER. He had multiple x-rays, CT scan etc…Since that day…he is on mattress. Looking at waleed's video…Mama/Papa get ready for his mid-night trip to your bedroom…..


  19. Kmina, lol, yes, impressive, and. . . well, gray hair inducing 🙂

    Susan, so far the sleep sack is working miracles!!!

    Mystic, the sleep sac is so far helping prevent escapes but yeah, its coming, I know it, lol


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