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On loving me. Hating me. And monkeys.

It’s been years since I shared some of the interesting ways that led you to my virtual doorstep, but these? These are definitely worth sharing. 

  1. Do I love Aisha Iqbal?
  2. I love you Aisha Iqbal. 
  3. Hate being married to Aisha Iqbal
  4. How to psychoanalyze Aisha. 
  5. Want to leave Aisha*
  6. Aisha Monkey 

Not sure if this is incredibly funny or incredibly creepy but really hoping these searches were not specifically intended for me.

6 thoughts on “On loving me. Hating me. And monkeys.”

  1. Susan, I saw a comment from you but now its gone. . . weird.

    Anon, funny you asked that. . . I was just considering starting that back up in 2012. Miss doing it.


  2. Kate, Jamila, Mina, strange but true :-/ Mina, I don't know what's up with that search term but its been consistently a big search term for the past five or so years!!!


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