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Because beggars can be choosers. Apparently.

Homeless lady with baby outside Target today:

Bobina: Please. We are so hungry. We have nothing. Please help us.
Me: I’m sorry I have no cash but I just bought some baby food, here I’ll give you some.
Bobina: What kind of baby food?
Me: Let me see. Earth’s Best strawberry oatmeal, chunky orchard fruit, and split pea soup.
Bobina: Anything else?
Me: Um. No.
Bobina: pause. You know, she’s not really that hungry. But thank you.

This is is far from the first time this has happened so I’m beginning to wonder:Ā  Is it me? Am I missing out on some Miss Manners rules of etiquette in proffering items to the homeless? Because honestly, I’m befuddled.

17 thoughts on “Because beggars can be choosers. Apparently.”

  1. šŸ™‚ Anon

    Alan, this makes it a total of four times this has happened, and strangely three times it was overseas. One in Canada [still America though] but the other was in Brazil! I offered him a fresh hot meal I bought before his eyes and he looked at me and laughed and shook his head and said he'd rather have my money. In Turkey we offered to take a child to MCD to get him a meal, and he said no requesting money instead. I really truly don't get it. I heard in some places beggars are told to bring in money and are punished if they dont. I can't help but wonder if it at least overseas this was the reason food was refused.


  2. When my family go to Pakistan, we don't give beggars money. Ever. We give them food instead. A lot of children in Pakistan and India are unfortunately physically maimed by idiots who make the kids walk around, begging, to earn the idiots money. the kids get beaten if they don't agree to beg.

    Here (UK), we have beggars in London. Some of them genuinely need help and we help them but it's easy to know who is begging for money because they need their next fix.


  3. How rude of you? You should have offered her your credit card, or maybe should have taken her into the store for grocery shopping.

    I have encountered a beggar like that. I don't help beggars unless they are too old or incapacitated.

    Very awful. You should be befuddled, alright!


  4. Kmina, you really are left speechless to a response like that! And— I mean, they're organic and tasty– what???

    Kamille, Weirdly enough I think this was a gypsy– there is a whole gypsy settlement in North Georgia ad I think this is related to that– I guess they're not hungry they just want money. She nor her daughter were not dressed like homeless people, and they were in a part of town that you can only reach by car as there are no bus stops or trains anywhere nearby. [for about 20 miles!] It's sad, and they ruin it for people who genuinely are hungry.

    St. Elsewhere, oh my! My faux paux indeed, next time I will be sure to hand over the credit card and give her a shopping spree, lol šŸ™‚

    Shaheena, spamming is not nice.


  5. Rameen, well I don't post the 99% of awesome encounters I have since those are well, boring to write about šŸ™‚ But yeah— I do feel like I meet very . . . interesting folks on the regular. Maybe I just notice more than others? Can't just be me! Right? šŸ™‚


  6. Gypsies can be quite annoying. I've met some nice ones but we have some in London who beg and it's irritating!

    They can't be as bad as the 'travellers' in the UK. It's costing about $33,000,000 to evict them from an illegal site.


  7. E- I hope not. Sigh. That poor kid.

    Kate, Indeed!

    Kamille, My husband had his wallet stolen in Madrid by a gypsie– I don't get it at all.

    Jamila, “Shaheena” was just a generic spammer- with a very desi name, lol.


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