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It’s a small world after all

At an out of town Baltimore area post-wedding hangout, talking to the lovely bride. . .

Me: I’m a lawyer but I’m home with my son now. I love it, plus I get to work on my writing.
Bride: Oh you write?
Me: Yes, multicultural fiction. Hopefully to one day be a published author.
Bride: Wait, what? Pause as she stares at me. Begin wondering if she finds publishing dreams akin to discussing the secret spiritual lives of koala bears.
Me: Yeah well, I wrote this book and I. . . Aw man, she must think I’m being pretentious like I’m a hoity toity?! Aisha why can’t you just shut up and compliment people’s dresses, and leave it at that?
Bride: Your name is Aisha?
Me: Um, yes.
Bride: Aisha Iqbal?
Me: Well, yeah, kind of. . .
Me: Well we did just meet. . .

If that isn’t cool– I’m not sure what is! [And incase you read my last post– yes didn’t do so well on abstaining from the internet for a week– a post in my defense coming shortly]

14 thoughts on “It’s a small world after all”

  1. Kamille, LOL thx for your comment and welcome to the blog 🙂 I'm the furthest thing from a celeb so it was definitely a cool experience to run into someone who reads– itsh appened a few times and its really great each time!

    Anon 🙂


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