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Rest In Peace Troy Davis

Troy Davis was killed today. Just a few short words from a few judges decided a man’s permanent fate despite the serious doubts about his guilt. He could be my brother, my father, my husband– my son. When will stories like this be ‘once upon a time’ and not here, now, in my own backyard? A painful reminder for me to do my part.

Rest in Peace Troy Davis. I hope you find it in the elusive hereafter. God knows you didn’t find it here

8 thoughts on “Rest In Peace Troy Davis”

  1. I was about to go to bed when a law school friend shared the Supreme Court order– a few words and just like that– I'd rather a 100 Casey Anthony's walk free than because of the doubt over her innocence then for one man to have to die when there was doubt- so so much doubt. I furthermore find it cruel and unusual that this man had to sit hours from being killed for the FOURTH time not knowing if he'd live or die- and then to get a stay and be executed four hours later– I feel like as Americans we try to set a higher bar- at least that's the rhetoric- the rhetoric failed here.


  2. It was just unacceptable. This is not America. Death Penalty itself is a cruel thing in view of doubts (and in this case doubts after doubts).

    Extremely sad day!


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