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Three Beautiful Things Thursday- And I’m featured on BlogHer!

One. I’m featured on BlogHer! For this post! Which is well, all kinds of cool! If you’re visiting via BlogHer- hi! Make yourself at home and don’t be a stranger now, ya hear? [And for those of you who already read via readers, google-friend connect, etc thank you!]

Yeah, nature my . . . ardvark! Honestly though? I might despise football, but this father-son sporting? I love it. I love my kid’s inclination towards athleticism and my husband’s desire to draw it out. Besides, books or football, it’s still a bit early to figure out which one he’ll like more. Right?

[football ‘surveillance’ pictures courtesy of our good friend and awesome photographer AbidK]

Three. I have mixed views about living in the South and though I’ve lived more south than this [Miami is quite south after all] Miami isn’t The South. While the South has its perks like ridiculously tasty sweet tea and the ability to say y’all without anyone batting an eye, I long for the all out awesomeness that is San Francisco, the quiet culture of Asheville, or the sheer beauty of Boulder. I forget sometimes that I can recreate that here, like in Decatur, an intown enclave of family-friendly and uber-granola folks which is basically right up my alley. This past Saturday I took Waleed to a playgroup at toy park [I was super excited about this as I envisioned hunkering lego structures and intricate sand castles. It turned out to be just a park- with toys- but toys geared towards kids his age]. He loved it. And I loved watching him and interacting with the other mothers, some who were simply walking around who I had never met, but were open to friendly conversation- and then having lunch across the street in the open air in the company of good friends. It was normal. It was ordinary. It was perfect.

Just today I took my son to yet another park, this one closer to home, one too big for him, where the sun was too hot and the parents kept their eyes fixed pointedly away from one another, and I couldn’t help but remember my Saturday at toy park. Books I read advise me that I’ll meet other like minded mamas at parks- and yet out in the burbs this has yet to happen, ten minutes at toy park and I felt completely at home with people I only met for the first time. While I admit a part of me wonders if its less that the suburbs are inherently isolating or more that I’m simply the wrong color, that’s neither here nor there. The vibe is just different, it just is. At least I have a car. And it can take me to toy park where I can see my son’s smile as he marches about happiest in the company of others and where I can have lunch with good friends who carve out time to spend with us. Those 90 minute drives are worth days like this.

um, waiter- you forgot my order
[thanks for the great pic Cylinda!]

Bloggy recognition, father-son sporting, and the memory of a beautiful Saturday afternoon.Β  A beautiful Thursday indeed. Hope you had a beautiful day.

14 thoughts on “Three Beautiful Things Thursday- And I’m featured on BlogHer!”

  1. Congrats on the BlogHer feature! It's always nice to be recognized. πŸ™‚ The photos of W and K “playing football” are very cute. He's getting so big! (W, not K lol.) As far as the parks…. well, at least you found one that you both like. πŸ™‚


  2. Aww, great pictures! And congrats on BlogHer – Awesome and well-deserved!

    And thank YOU for helping make OUR Saturday afternoon a beautiful thing! πŸ™‚


  3. Congratulations on the BlogHer recognition! Oh, how I wish we had a toypark here. I've had zero luck meeting people at parks, which is a shame, since H desperately longs to be around other kids his size. Looks like nursery school is in his future…

    And it doesn't have to be either football or books, you know. My FIL is a brilliant lawyer, who also happened to be one of Harvard's stars back in the day. One day a football-friend came into his room all excited–“Hey, didja know there's another Sxx Bxxxxx here? Look, this other guy got recognized in the school paper for making Phi Beta Kappa!” Um, yeah. I say, hope that Waleed inherits both his daddy's love of sports & his mama's love of books and he can't go too wrong.


  4. Thanks Susan, and re: toy park, you might?! I googled toy park when searching for the location of this park and there surprisingly a lot of them around the country. and re football and sports here's hoping W will blend the best of both of us!


  5. i'm loving the pictures and congrats on the feature πŸ™‚ my husband totally tricked me about football! before we got married he wasn't too interested in it, but now he watches it all the time, ugh!!


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