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Why I will no longer borrow children’s books from the library

Because when you walk in on this. . .

 it makes you question a lot of things.

And while everyone is so very confused and bewildered as to how this could have happened . . .

Well, this is strange!
Let’s just say, I have my suspicions. 
mama, isn’t this what they’d call, garnish?
You can’t help but wonder as you walk in on a shoe-banana-book sandwich that a) it is the way of children and b) what do other kids do with their library books? And while perhaps it builds immunities its also just . . . yeah. So as not to inflict on others the remnants of such savory concoctions as my budding chef puts together, I’ll be buying my baby’s books for a little while to come. [for the record this was not a library book based meal]

12 thoughts on “Why I will no longer borrow children’s books from the library”

  1. Julia, well I do tell my husband to put his shoes away in the closet. . . so. . . yeah, wasn't too enjoyable to clean out mushed banana remnants from a shoe! lol 🙂


  2. That is what I call a 'fresh' perspective. 🙂 now, if that were a boot, you might have had a letter B showcase.

    George does stuff with books too. He does not sit still while I read to him, but is willing to do other things, like wash books with water. From the toilet bowl. I wonder if he'll ever love or even like books the way I do.


  3. @Kate, LOL- kids kids kids!

    Kmina, St Elsewhere, you guys put me to shame, all the creative takes on what my son was actually tryign to do, LOL. Thanks for the laugh out laughs. And I never did consider he might have been trying to feed the poor snail!! My imagination fell off with my lack of sleep! 🙂


  4. Mystic- thankfully this is the first book he's decorated quite this way, but he does chew and bite books- and if you think of how many other mouths its been through- its staggering to say the least!!!


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