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How he slept. And I didn’t.

6:45: What’s the time? He’s still asleep?! Sweeeeet! Roll over go back to sleep.
6:55: But that’s weird. He always gets up at 6:45. Check to make sure he’s breathing. He is. Back to bed.
7:10: Seriously? Not even for a bottle!? Dont be crazy Aisha. He’s sleeping in. Do the same!
7:15: Fever. Must be. Check forehead. Normal. Don’t question good fortune, get some shut eye now!
7:30:  No point in trying to fall asleep, he’ll be up any minute now.
7:45: He’ll be up any minute now.
8:00: He’ll be up any minute now.
8:15: He’ll be up any minute now.
8:45: He’s up. See. I knew it.

When I went into his room to get him, he looked at me, pointed, and laughed. He’s frankly been in the best mood ever. So I’m fairly certain he did it on purpose. To mess with me. And it worked.

14 thoughts on “How he slept. And I didn’t.”

  1. After last night, I seriously doubt that I will ever sleep again like I used to. Ever! Teething and vaccine reaction and heat brought us all back to square one. Now of course he's been napping for 1 1/2 h and I can't even shut my eyes… Never sleep again, I am sure.


  2. Mina- I don't know how you do it. Honestly. Don't know. You are super-mom in every way!

    Kate, thanks! And yesss he usually wakes up when I touch him, this is why I was even more worried- he was totally out- the floor was creaking, toys were rattling, and still- OUT. LOL. However, today he woke up at the usual time. Lightening, it appears does not strike twice!


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