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Happy Fifteen Month Birthday

Dear Waleed,

On Sunday you turned fifteen months old and I’m fairly certain you swallowed some magic beans because you’re growing faster than I can keep track of. You are a world class babbler and your communication skills are growing by the day. Doggie. Ducky. Mama. Baba. Nana. This. That. [And when you see flowers you point and call them mama– ~melt~] You close doors when I ask, hand me hangers to help with laundry, and clap if you want more food. And speaking of food? You love my cooking. You are not one for polite gestures. You hate cauliflower and let me know by chucking it across the room, so when I bring you a bowl of Pad Thai, and you clap upon seeing it and then attack it and demand more- I know you mean it. And while I love it if anyone loves my cooking, seeing you enjoy what I made, real food beyond mashed apples and bananas, the sort of food that will be your standard fare in our home- its one of the best feelings in the world.

Your smile takes a close second though. Since the day you were born, you look dead center in the camera and pose. Now, you’ve taken it up a notch for reasons I don’t quite understand. There’s the ‘Rico Suave’ look:

how you doin?

And the recent one, where you scrunch your nose, eyes and face which I can only interpret as mama thinks koala bears are all kinds of cute so I will try to look like one:

Seriously. Every picture. And while I love all your smiles because I love everything about you, my favorite photos are when you’re smiling your real smile, the one you flash us when you don’t know a camera is around:

But let’s talk about the other stuff, you know, the discipline stuff. You are a good baby, inquisitive, curious, and always exploring, but seldom naughty for the sake of naughtiness. But when you need some reminding like ‘no we do not put fingers in sockets’ or ‘please don’t bend the cabinet door backwards so it splinters off’ you look at me, take in my stern expression, and- laugh, as though to say cute mom, really cute, and go on your way. As a former teacher, I just had to look at my classroom with the look and a hush overtook the room. Now, that same look sends you into fits of giggles. I don’t get it. But your Abu? The one who is by far the more easy-going parent you possess? If he so much as looks at you and says don’t do that in the gentlest of voices, you are a heaping mess of tears. Since usually it’s me and you, I need to find some way to get your attention. Luckily nana and nani [unwittingly] got you a time-out chair and as you can tell its working spectacularly:

koala bear Waleed in time-out

But the best part this month? Now that you’re [almost] fully weaned, your Abu is in charge of your sleep routine. We were supposed to alternate every other day, but he loves it so much he’s done it every night since he could. He says he missed out on over a year of sleep moments and he doesn’t want to miss one more. He says putting you to sleep centers and soothes him. You’re lucky to have him kiddo.

I know the months bring with them a newer, bigger you. I know you will change, because change you must- but whatever you do, my one bit of advice is: fight to keep that sense of wonder that you possess most sincerely today. The way your eyes light up with unrestrained joy at all the new things life has to offer, the way you wake up each morning joyful, excited to tackle the day? Please never lose that.Money, degrees, making honor roll are well and good, but this state of being, of enjoying the sheer act of existence? It’s priceless. Please guard that part of you with all you have.


Your Mama

20 thoughts on “Happy Fifteen Month Birthday”

  1. Awwwww! I love your “month birthday” posts. I've grown to love Waleed through those posts! What a lovely, “sunny”, little boy masha Allah!
    They also make me smile and reflect on how my little guy is growing so fast too (Taha is almost 2 and a 1/2 already!). Today, his teacher gave me his “artwork” when I picked him up from Daycare…. “teacher”?!… “artwork”?!… when did that happen?!?!
    They grow up so fast… enjoy every teeny, tiny little bit of it 🙂

    Ramadan Kareem

    PS. Taha also went through a phase of scrunching up his nose and eyes in photos…LOL it was so funny!


  2. He is growing up so fast! Happy fifteenth birthday W! Your mama is amazing and you have a wonderful family.

    Aisha: W is just adorable and growing cuter by the day!


  3. Isn't the nose-scrunching adorable? (I have no idea where Henry learned it either–I thought he was the only one–totally must be the koala bears, you're absolutely right!) Waleed is absolutely beautiful & sounds like so much fun. Such a big boy!


  4. Thanks Anon!

    Tahasmum, glad you can relate to these- what is it with kids and the scrunched up faces, lol! How cute to get art work from your kiddo- ours are not too far apart but at this stage in life when they grow so quicly even the difference of a few months can seem huge! Ramadan Kareem to you too.

    Anne, Leigh Ann, thank you so much!!

    C, you are so sweet, thank you!

    Susan, thanks so much! Yeah the scrunching is bewildering- kept thinking he saw it somewhere, but maybe its just a. . . thing? lol

    E, thanks!!!

    Aamina, he misses you too!!!!! :))


  5. Ash, I don't think he gets the concept- and honestly, we don't use it for time-out yet because he really doesn't do much to earn a time-out and I don't think he'd get it if we did use it. If we tell him to stop he typically does. As you can see from the picture [that's a huge laughing smile, not a cry] he thinks its super fun to sit on the chair, LOL. Maybe later though. What about you with your kiddo?


  6. This is so beautiful. Just the purity of expression! May Allah bless him with the very best, Always. Amen. And you and your's too. InshaAllah.


  7. …mine is 20 months as of this week and she's the same as waleed wrt timeouts…don't think she'd grasp the concept…so there's just a lot of getting down to her level, looking her in the eyes and firm Nos throughout the day and taking away any offending object and ignoring the subsequent crying and trying to give her something else to wreak havoc on…if she feels like indulging me, she'll stop…other days she just gives me/hubby that “look” (which also makes me shudder since I can SO imagine her as a teenager in those moments) and merrily continues doing what she was being reprimanded for…and then comes back and showers us with kisses later– the manipulation of it all!…sigh…consistency is the key, so I hear…



  8. Thanks for telling me you like the updates Julia! He's not talking so much as saying a word here and there but I seriously can't wait!!!!

    Ash, lol, so you can relate- I am trying to do the same thing, firmly tell her no, take away the toy, redirect etc. I tried him in time-out once [the picture] and he thought it was a game, lol.As for teenager behavior out of a toddler, I think the two are very similar in more ways than one!

    Mystic, so nice to hear from you, its been a while! Thanks so much 🙂


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