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Substantive Blogger Award

Sunny nominated me for an award! I’m honored since she’s one of my favorite bloggers!

To accept I share seven random things about me and pass the award to seven others! I’m fairly random by default so without further ado:

1. I enjoy loading the dishwasher. I love arranging the plates and glasses just right and settling in on the sofa with a cup of tea and a book as the machine hums away doing all the dirty work steps away cleansing everything within, but-

2. I hate unloading the dishwasher as I am not the most agile person and have dropped one too many items causing one too many injuries to my person. It also gets complicated when you have a fourteen-month-old child who insists on helping, especially with the knives- he really wants to help me with the knives.

3. Similarly, I love loading the washing machine- sorting whites and colors- and pouring the detergent into the machine- but. . .

4. I hate. despise. abhor. to the greatest extent one can, putting away the laundry. Not because I break towels- its just boring. Though less so now that I have a child who likes to help me with the sorting [but mostly the unsorting] and occasionally tries to climb into the dryer and shut the door behind him [is he trying to tell me I don’t give him enough alone time?] He keeps even the most boring tasks, interesting.

5. I’m a thrifty shopper. I buy jeans on sale. Target is my friend. But- I have one weakness: purses. Have abstained for years- and with a diaper bag currently in use most times I haven’t given it much thought. Except I saw my friend’s Luis Vuitton “never full” bag which is all kinds of awesome- and its not badly priced for a Vuitton bag- except it’s a Luis Vuitton bag so that doesn’t mean I’m going to find it on the clearance section at Ross. And while these things logically make sense, when I think of that purse, my heart skips a beat and I catch myself almost daydreaming about what it might be like to toss in a change of baby-clothes, my wallet, and cavort about town with said accessory. I would never get one ofcourse since it’s an obscene amount of money for me but- its pretty. All this to say, I have major bag issues.

6. My favorite movie is Office Space. My favorite comedy show, The Office. Now on a Parks-N-Recreation kick thanks to Netflix. For someone who does not actually work in an office I quite enjoy my work place comedies.

7. I find it rather ironic that I was nominated for a ‘substantive blog’ award spent it discussing things of relatively no substance whatsoever. At least its random.

And now, for those I’m passing this on to: Cecily, Stacey, Katery, Kmina, Susan, Panda, Azmina, Leigh Ann, Deathstar44, Julia, C, and Yen! Fantastic ladies who write about all sorts of different topics from motherhood to writing to all things food and all things random, but who I read and love just the same because I truly enjoy what they have to say and how they say it.

And since I’ve shared some of my favorite bloggers [though not nearly all as my google reader’s 100+ subscriptions attest to] do share- who is your favorite blogger? Always looking to add more!

10 thoughts on “Substantive Blogger Award”

  1. Aisha!! You are so kind to present me with this award! Imagine how exciting when I come here to read your blog post (same as always) and find out you presented me with it. Thank you so much! And guess what? I also love loading the dishwasher! (But I also love emptying it!) And I love loading the washing machine AND I also HATE putting laundry away! I enjoy folding laundry except white clothes — too many rags, washcloths, dish towels, and unmentionables! — so my husband will usually do that 🙂 THANKS AGAIN!


  2. Julia- I am unfortunately not great at commenting lately because I'm usually reading from my cell phone and its tough to comment from there- but I love your blog and how consistently you keep up with it! Glad you can relate to my dishwashing loe and my laundry woes, lol 🙂


  3. I'm fairly certain I've never blogged about anything of substance, but I'm just going to skip over that little detail and just appreciate you for appreciating my blog. Thanks, my friend!


  4. Yen- you mean the fact that because of your blog I no longer eat Subway's oven roasted chicken breast subs [my one time favorite!] isn't a blog of substance? You're too hard on yourself- I love your blog- and your writing- [when you write that is, ahem. *insert* guilt-inspiring-disapproving-expression here


  5. Have you seen the Russell Peters comedy sketch about Louis Vuitton bags? It's really the only thing that makes me feel better since I know I will never have one one of my own 🙂 Thanks for the award friend (and a Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family) 🙂


  6. Thank you, dear, this is so sweet of you!
    It will take me a while to get to it, what with going to visit the grandparents, packing and moving, creche soon, blogging takes a back seat now. but get to it I will. Thanks again.


  7. Azmina- I will be googling that sketch tonight! LOL Ramzan Mubarak! 🙂

    Kmina, ofcourse I understand how busy you are! I've loved your perspectives on all things parenting- and I miss your regular blogging 🙂

    Kate, much deserved and mucho welcome 🙂 lol 🙂


  8. Aw, thanks for the nod! #7 just cracked me up! 🙂 I LOVE Office Space! It was partially filmed here in Austin. “…ummm, yeah … I'm gonna need you to come in this weekend …” *snicker!* 🙂


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